On the eve of the U20 World Cup draw, Chiqui Tapia visited Gianni Infantino’s ‘home’

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Four months before the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Argentina is preparing to experience another celebration. The political doll and sporting opportunism by Claudio Chiqui Tapia further repositioned the Argentine Football Federation on the global football map and transits the happiest hours of his relationship with FIFA, similar to what happened when Julio Humberto Grondona was still alive and was one of the vice presidents of the parent company. This Thursday, in advance of the draw for the Sub 20 world whose organization will be up to the AFA, the head of Argentine football has visited his peer Gianni Infantino.

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It was Tapia himself who took care of showing the images of his meeting with on his social networks infantWho welcomed him into his ‘home’.

Gianni Infantino met Chiqui Tapia in Zurich, Switzerland.  EFE extension

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Gianni Infantino met Chiqui Tapia in Zurich, Switzerland. EFE extension

The management of chiki in the AFA, started 6 years ago and with 3 titles men’s tournaments to his credit (Copa América 2021, Finalissima and World Cup 2022), have also made it possible to strengthen the relationship with the FIFA president. So much so that, while the details of what will be the development of the Under 20 ecumenical competition in Argentina are being defined, he granted him a solo audience.

“Thank you President Infantino for your tremendous hospitality and for welcoming us into his home. Tomorrow we will have the draw for the Under-20 World Cup, which will undoubtedly be one of the best in history,” he quoted chiki on his personal Twitter account.

In the photos, the Swiss received a T-shirt sky blue with the number 10 he uses Lionel Messi in every engagement. What has attracted attention is that in one of the four images that he shared, Infantino appeared directly pointing to the three stars that the national team carries, after having been consecrated in the ecumenical competition held in Qatar.

Argentine football received some big news this Monday when it became official that it will host the Under-20 World Cup, based on Indonesia’s withdrawal bid. After the announcement, President Tapia spoke on the networks: “It is a pride that our country hosts the U20 World Cup, one of the most important sporting events in the world!! This is the result of an articulated work, sustained over time, in which we have always privileged the national project”.

The importance of the decision is that Argentina had failed to qualify from the South American in Colombia, so this opportunity represents that the most successful team in the history of this category is present (six titles).

When is the draw and who could be the rivals of the national team?

In principle, the draw was supposed to take place on March 31 this year, but FIFA reported this Monday that it will take place on Friday April 21 in Zurich, Switzerland. I am 24 qualified teams those who will try to win the ecumenical race.

To start drawing a diagram and understanding how the group stages will play out, the 24 countries are spread out four bass drums that will be football to organize the first stage 6 groups of 4 teams. From there the balls will be drawn, without nations located in the same hype being able to face each other in the initial phase.

It will be the national team, which did not qualify for this match after a bad performance in the South American championship held in Colombia Group A seed due to it being the organizing country of the contest.

This is how the four drums are distributed

bass drum 1: Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Italy, France and Senegal.

bass drum 2: Ecuador, England, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia and South Korea.

bass drum 3: Nigeria, Honduras, Fiji, Uzbekistan, Japan and Iraq.

Football 4: Dominican Republic, Israel, Slovakia, Tunisia, Gambia and Guatemala.

Places for the contest

The venue for the Sub 20 World Cup will be the stadium Mother of the Cities of Santiago del EsteroHe Only Diego Armando Maradona of La PlataHe Mendoza Argentine Falklands and the San Juan Bicentennial.

Source: Clarin

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