Tata Martino broke the silence and explained why she said “no” to Boca

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Gerard Martino He is one of the difficult figures of difficult local football. It’s so difficult that it’s very strange that he gives interviews. At least in his home country, where he hasn’t done it for six years, since he left the Argentina national team, and he seems intent on respecting his assumption. However, silence Pope broken for the site The Athleticthe same person he’s been able to talk to in the last few hours Marcellus Gallardoand there he countedThe details of his sensational refusal to manage Boca.

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“After everything that happened with Mouth for the past few weeks, now everyone has this, and that’s okay. I will reply to messages, but I do not grant interviews in Argentina. I haven’t granted interviews in Argentina for six years, since I left the national team, and I won’t grant any more”, Martino begins to explain his constant phone calls by talking to the sports site which for a few months was part of the portfolio of contents The New York Times.

Just then the DT, with a past inside Newell’s, United Atlanta AND Paraguayan national teambegins with his argument to explain what were the reasons for his decision not to accept the invitation of Juan Roman Riquelme take over the reins of a team that ultimately remained in the hands of Jorge Almirón.

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The world that surrounds Boca is huge. He is someone who goes far beyond football, the squad he has or the football needs of the club. There is a whole other life within the club which is very significant. There is a political aspect that plays an important role and there are elections at the end of this year”. cross the initial round.

And he continued: “Currently Boca is also affected by national politics, which requires a certain level of evaluation. And then there’s my ability to tackle a project of that magnitude right now. “, my analysis had to be very detailed. Once you accept a challenge like this, there’s no going back. I thought it wasn’t the right time for me. At this moment Boca needed another type of commitment.”

He PopeFurthermore, he avoided talking about his next step as a coach. In addition to the negotiation with Boca, in recent times he has been linked to Valencia of Spain and Al Nassr, an Arab team where Cristiano Ronaldo and Pity Martínez play.

“I will not report any rumors, because you never know how close or how far you were from a certain occasion,” stressed Martino, who revealed that these days he enjoys free time to spend hours with his grandchildren and with his closest circle. .

In turn, he said he also takes advantage of his stay in Rosario to go to Newell’s, the club where he shone as a player and later had memorable campaigns as a coach.

“When I see Newell’s play, I do it as a fan.” I don’t analyze those games. I am happy when they win and I don’t care if they win by playing well or by playing badly. This is something that unites me with my entire family. We all feel the same. My daughters, my wife, my grandchildren, my in-laws, we all go to games together. It’s a family business and the fact that Newell’s is at the center of it all makes us very happy.”

Source: Clarin

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