With Facundo Conte as its banner, Ciudad won the title in the Argentine Volleyball League

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Ciudad Vóley became the champion of the Argentine Volleyball League for the first time in its history by beating UPCN de San Juan 3-1 (with partial scores 29-27, 27-25, 23-25, 25-22) as hosts and, they close thus 3-0 the final series of a tournament which they dominated from start to finish.

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Despite facing the current two-time champion of the tournament and a crowd that packed the stadium and encouraged his players to rage, Ciudad was strong from the first set: he ran from behind and attacked him with his serve by Facundo Conte. In the second chapter he had to fight too, but ended up defeating the locals thanks to a block by Chilean Vicente Parraguirre on Manuel Armoa Morel.

The cast led by Fabián Armoa got the discount in the following set pushed by Fabián Flores and the substitute Juan Bucciarelli, but in the fourth those led by Hernán Ferraro built a good lead (15-8) which allowed them, despite the final relaunched by loa sanjuaninos, keeps the win after a long serve by Gabriel Gomes dos Santos.

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The top scorer of the match was Parraguirre, with 23 points, followed, with 21, by Conte, who was also chosen as the most valuable player in the final series. In the losing team, the ones who contributed the most were Carlos Mosquera (16) and Juan Bucciarelli (15).

“I came to make a dream come true. It makes me very happy to be back home, play in the club where I started, wear my shirt again and win the title with Ciudad for the first time” said Facundo Conte, who after 15 years abroad has obtained his first title in the country.

Facundo Conte contributed 21 points for Ciudad in the decider against UPCN.  Photo: Volleyball City Press.

Facundo Conte contributed 21 points for Ciudad in the decider against UPCN. Photo: Volleyball City Press.

Another of those who could not hide his emotion was the Chilean wide receiver Vicente Parraguirre. “Joy is inexplicable. This is the result of a lot of work, this team has grown game after game. We had an incredible championship. This is the big goal we set ourselves at the beginning of the season,” declared the top scorer of the tournament (he scored 529 points) and the player with the best percentage in attack (57%).

With Friday’s victory in San Juan, Ciudad Vóley closed a season that will go down in the history books. In the regular stage, they won 21 of the 22 matches they played (they were only defeated by the UPCN in their last match of that stage, in El Calafate, when they had already secured first place). In the playoffs, they beat Once Unidos de Mar del Plata (2-0) in the quarterfinals, Policial de Formosa (2-0) in the semifinals and UPCN in the finals.

In addition, this season Núñez’s team had won the ACLAV Cup in Formosa in December and finished second in the Super Cup in Mar del Plata in October (lost to UPCN in the final).

Source: Clarin

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