Miguel Ángel Russo apologized for his reaction to referee Penel: ‘I haven’t slept all night’

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Behind the joy and the “Colgate smile” that he shows in every game Michele Angelo Russo, there is a person with a strong character. The current coach of Central Rosary, when he was ejected from the game by referee Ariel Penel after a reaction that heated up the match that would end in a draw against Boca, showed an anger impossible to hide. This Monday, with a little more calm, the coach of Rogue offered his apologies through a chat with ESPN

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At times, the Gigante de Arroyito match had a tense atmosphere and an absolute rivalry between the xeneize and the Academy Rosarina, generating that in the second phase the game stopped for 16 minutes due to the repeated crossings between the players.

Not only them, but also Russo was the protagonist of a moment of tension in the second part when they didn’t let him make a substitution AND missed an edit window. After that moment, which required more than three minutes of rest, Miguel he was enraged and went off to protest with some irritation.

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To cool off that angry moment, Russo chimed in on the matter and apologized for his overreaction. “I’m sorry about what happened. It’s something just with the change, not because of the adding minutes. I won’t dwell on whether it’s the referee’s fault or something else. I decide to make two substitutions in one window and between the fourth official and the main referee they decide that only one should enter and I don’t know why. That was what bothered me, that’s all ordered and recommended, don’t know what happened and why he only brought one.”

I didn’t sleep all night because of my reactionone is also to educate the younger ones and I regret it” Russo said in a tone of complete regret. Soon after, the rogue coach clarified that the anger only referred to the fact that he missed the exchange window: ” The VAR, the minute he added, whether it’s a penalty or not, are match situations like this the anger didn’t go there. My reaction is wrong, I apologize. We do things well and it’s annoying when there are no answers.”

Russo’s furious record in this tournament

You have to come back to win for 1-0 of his team first Independent on 11 of the Lega Calcio Professionisti to remember the closest antecedent of the enraged Russo. On that occasion he was even more fervent and uniform there was a blow from the former Boca coach to whom he drove the medical cart on the same stage.

It all happened when the party died in the victory of RogueAND Facundo Mallo he sought medical assistance after receiving a stroke. For this reason the footballer was removed from the chariot, they did not allow him to return at the meeting and Miguel’s team was momentarily left with 10 players on the pitch to defend a corner kick in favor of Avellaneda’s team, who were looking for an equalizer at the end of the game.

Finally, the team currently training Ricardo Zielinsky he managed to score on that play even if it was later canceled due to the intervention of the VAR. Once the cart reached the dugout area, Russo he scolded and hit the driver of units, which he didn’t react before the unexpected attitude of the DT.

As in the latter situation, Russo has shown his regret. “They are all confusions to be reviewed. I apologized accordingly and that sort of thing is very difficult. I accept my mistakeI recognize it accordingly and apologized because I noticed it right away, but hey, it’s football,” he clarified in dialogue with Tyc Sports.

Source: Clarin

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