The insult to Nicole Neumann that would have provoked Urcera’s reaction and the penalty that the pilot could have received

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José Manuel Urcera has heard that his wife has been insulted. He got off the skateboard he was riding around the pits and walked over to the man who had vented. The pilot shook his hand, as a sign that he wanted to salute him, and punched him with the other. The fan ended up on the ground, bleeding.

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It all happened on Saturday afternoon, after qualifying for the fifth round of Turismo su Strada. The rider was returning to the pits on a skateboard and saw how a fan walking after the end of the day talked to him and his girlfriend, model Nicole Neumann, on bad terms.

Journalist Carlos Saavedra explained that the event took place in the late afternoon. According to his story, the fan would have insulted him for the championship he won last year and for how his relationship with Nicole Neumann had begun. It was then that Urcera did not hesitate to approach the fan and punch him. But what caused such a reaction from the pilot?

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The man hit on the ground by Urcera.

The man hit on the ground by Urcera.

According to the LAM program, hosted by Ángel de Brito, the man yelled “Cornuda” at Nicole Neumann, as well as asking Urcera if she would witness the farewell of Poroto Fabián Cubero, his girlfriend’s ex, followed by a series of curses that angered the pilot.

“That’s where Urcera gets angry, hits him, with the bad luck that this man falls and hits his head against a grate that was on the floor. They took him to the hospital,” said journalist Paula Varela.

After the violent event, the pilot continued on his way and the person attacked ended up in hospital where he decided to file a complaint. Some witnesses also stated that the motorist left as if he hadn’t noticed the attack he had committed.

Urcera’s aggression joins that of Valentín Aguirre who, in the match held in El Calafate, took the mobile phone of a fan who was filming him after being excluded from the match. After the bad moment, the situation cleared up and it was learned that it was a fan who smiled nervously because he was close to his idol. However, the driver could not control his helplessness at being eliminated from the race.

Urcera was denounced by the fan attacked and, after the repercussions of the fact, the Actc would have taken action on the matter. You could get a fine and suspension for some races.

Source: Clarin

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