Emiliano Vecchio has made public his love story with Mechi Blanco, daughter of the president of Racing and ex Licha López

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Emiliano Vecchiothe skilled midfielder of racing with whom he is currently recovering from a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee, whitened his love story white mercedesone of the daughters of club president Avellaneda and former partner of Lysander Lopezidol of Academywhom he married in February 2021 after having a daughter, GuadeloupeOctober 2020.

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Vecchio and Blanco’s romance, in its early days earlier this year, had caused something of a tidal wave in Racing, where rumors attributed the player to having been “written off” by his teammates. between the two It was about to affect the renewal of the contract of the 34-year-old player, who emerged in Rosario Central and with a long career abroad.

At the time Vecchio signed the extension of their link, there was speculation that there had been a distance that had allowed him to iron out differences with Licha López’s former teammates and smooth out their continuity. However, apparently, the romance is still going strong.

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Emiliano Vecchio's post with Mechi Blanco.

Emiliano Vecchio’s post with Mechi Blanco.

First it was Mechi who posted some images together on Sunday and this Monday it was Vecchio’s turn, who chose his Instagram account to post a story in which he is seen embracing Mechi, wrapped in a warm embrace, with a lagoon in the background.

“I’m glad to love you, I like to caress you and put you to sleep, it’s chilling,” reads the message – which is part of the lyrics of the song “Enjoy” by Carla Morrison – which completes the postcard of love.

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A controversy erupted last February. It emerged that the campus had put Vecchio’s thumb down after discovering that he had started dating Mechi Blanco. They said it was a way of supporting Licha López, who had gone to Sarmiento de Junín, but she had maintained influence within the group.

The rumors were accompanied by the version that this discomfort had reached the offices of Víctor Blanco, who had made the decision not to renew Vecchio’s contract, which had left a very good impression until he was injured.

However, all those reports were toned down when Vecchio signed an extension to his contract until December 2024 on March 10.

“It’s nice to spend more time with you!” wrote the club on social networks, in a photo in which the smiling footballer is seen together with the president of the institution and also with his father-in-law.

Vecchio is recovering from the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee suffered in October last year. It is believed he will play again at the end of June.

Source: Clarin

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