They want to check Pulga Rodríguez “minute by minute”: he woke up, but remembers nothing of the brutal incident

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“El Pulga is out of danger, but we have to be vigilant; we have to check it minute by minute.” With these words, the director of the Padilla hospital, Jorge Valdecantos, reported this Monday to the situation of Luis Miguel Rodriguezplayer from Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero, hospitalized in intensive care in Tucumán -his native province- after suffering a car accident on Sunday morning.

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The vehicle in which the footballer was traveling overturned on Sunday, exactly at the crossroads between routes 157 and 308, 1.8 kilometers from the Tucuman town of Lamadrid and 45 kilometers from Simoca, the land where the footballer Flea was born.

The news has caused concern in Argentine football. And in the early hours of this Monday, Dr. Valdecantos clarified that the player “continues in therapy” and that he must continue there to “monitor him minute by minute”. “His condition is not serious, however he will remain under observation to receive adequate treatment and to verify that there are no complications”She said.

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“Rodríguez had a good night, but he doesn’t remember what happened. He is with normal vital signs, normal pressure and respiration, normal oxygen saturation. During the day we will repeat a tomography because if there is anything that has caught our attention ” He had a head injury and the mediastinal area needs to be examined. We have to be alert and nothing can be ruled out. Like all traumas, anything can arise, so as a precaution we have him hospitalized in intensive care and under control”. , “said the professional in relation to the current state of the flea.

“A blow to the chest caused a series of problems, at the same time the maxillary sinuses were also injured,” added the doctor. Therefore, the 38-year-old footballer will continue to be monitored for a condition called “pneumomediastinum”. “They’ve already done a CT scan, the head physician of the Chest area and also Pulmonology have seen him to rule out any lung lesions. What, yes, Rodríguez suffered multiple trauma and traumatic brain injury (TEC).

Last and most important is whether “El Pulga”‘s life is in danger. That said, Dr. Valdecantos stressed: “We have all the elements prepared because in the face of these blows we must be careful, it is always better to have a waiting behavior in the trauma”.

After the news of the incident broke, the “Dean” and Central Córdoba expressed their support for the footballer.

“The big family of Club Atlético Tucumán accompanies and encourages you in this difficult moment, and hopes to see you smile again with a ball at your feet,” wrote the institution on its Twitter social network account.

Meanwhile, the current team stressed that the railway management is already in the province to closely follow the evolution of the “Pulce” and assist both him and his relatives.

The “Pulce” integrated the Central Córdoba team in a 2-0 away win against Instituto de Córdoba on Saturday, in a match for the fourteenth round of the First Division Professional Soccer League.

Tucuman. Corresponding.

Source: Clarin

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