The curious method of the Everton goalkeeper to cover a fundamental penalty: machete in a bottle

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Leicester City and Everton met last Sunday for the 34’s date Premier League. The duel was not only exciting from start to finish, because two teams were fighting against each other to avoid relegation in the Championship (second division of English football), but also because the situation was special.

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The Everton goalkeeper scored on his bottle of water that Leicester footballer, James Maddison, took 60% of his penalties in the centre, while 20% to the left and another 20% to the right. As was to be expected, the midfielder opted to kick in the middle, his favorite seat of his, for which Pickford did not forgive him.

The great performance of the English goalkeeper achieved two results: it prevented Leicester from winning the score 3-1 and, above all, it gave a boost to his team so that they could react in time and manage to level the game 2-2 thanks to a goal by the Nigerian Alex Iwobi.

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After the match, Pickford, who defended England’s goal during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, referred to his time as a star on the pitch: ‘He did his homework, I knew he was going to kick like this. “A great moment and I’m glad I saved it because I’m here to do it. I’m trying to help the team, I’ll do everything I can to do it again.”

Both teams at risk of relegation

Both Leicester and Everton are heavily committed to relegation. First he is in 16th place in the standings with 30 pointswhile the second is in position 19th with 29 unitsand are one of the clubs that would lose the category if the tournament ends today together with Nottingham Forest and Southampton.

The Liverpool team will play their next home match against Alexis Mac Allister and Facundo Buonanotte’s Brighton&Hove Albion, while the Leicester team will visit Fulham. Both matches will take place on Monday 8 May.

Source: Clarin

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