Shooting in the Belgrade school: Luka Doncic will pay for the funerals of the nine victims

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the Slovenian Luca Doncicfigure of NBA In Dallas Maverickpromised this Thursday to pay for the funerals of the eight students and the security guard died in Wednesday’s shooting at an elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia.

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The 24-year-old basketball player, who has close family ties in the area of ​​the Serbian capital, will also finance the Psychological support services for classmates and school staffas reported by a spokesman for his foundation a ESPN.

I am heartbroken by the tragedy shooting at a Serbian school and loss of life, including innocent children,” Doncic lamented in a statement posted on social media.

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Shrine of the victims left by the shooting in a Belgrade school.  Photo: EFE/EPA/ANTONIO BAT

Shrine of the victims left by the shooting in a Belgrade school. Photo: EFE/EPA/ANTONIO BAT

And he continued: “My thoughts go to the families and the entire community affected by this tragedy. I support you and I am with you in this difficult moment”.

In addition, he offered to provide financial support to the education center: “Through the Luka Doncic Foundation I am exploring immediate and long-term ways to support students, teachers and families affected by the shooting at Vladislav Ribnikar Primary School.”

“I am committed and will continue to share updates and forms of support as details become available,” he concluded.

How did the tragic shooting at the Belgrade school go?

A 14 year old teenager killed 8 students this Wednesday, a student and a security guard in a school of belgrade, Serbia, when he fired a handgun at his classmates and teaching and security staff. Additionally, seven people were injured.

The incident caused shock in the country, where It hadn’t been a shooting of this magnitude in decades. at a school.

The attacker, who is a student of the institute, “came out into a corridor and used a firearm. Sadly, the guard died of his injuries, a teacher was seriously injured, children were injured (…) four or five children,” Milan Nedeljkovic, president of the Vracar district in central Belgrade, told reporters.

The young man suspected of committing the crime was found and detained in the courtyard of the “Vladislav Ribnikar” elementary school, located near the center of Belgrade.

The seventh grader fired a gun, allegedly belonging to his father, at several students and members of the school’s security team. It was 8.40 in the morning.

Who is the teenager who has been planning the attack for a month

Authorities have identified the suspect as Kosta Kecmanovica student aged between 13 and 14, who was found in the schoolyard and arrested, saying that he was armed with two pistolsone in his backpack and another he was wearing.

The boy “he planned the shooting for a month and made a list of children he intended to kill“Veselin Milic, the head of the Belgrade police, said at a press conference.

Nine victims left the shooting at a school in Belgrade.  Photo: EFE/EPA/ANDREJ CUKIC

Nine victims left the shooting at a school in Belgrade. Photo: EFE/EPA/ANDREJ CUKIC

“The sketch resembles a video game or horror film, indicating that he planned in detail, by class, to who to liquidateMilic added.

Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic said the suspect’s father, owner of the alleged weapons used in the shooting, he was also under arrest.

“The father claims that the weapons were kept in a safe with a code, but apparently the boy had the key, since he managed to get pistols and three magazines with 15 bullets each,” Gasic said.

Source: Clarin

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