An Argentinian student drew the Red Bull racing the Miami GP: who it is and how it was chosen

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The RB19 of Red Bull is renewed in Miami thanks to the design of a Argentinian student who won a contest ‘leave a mark’, organized by the Austrian team for their fans. To the traditional blue, red and yellow of the car, the young woman has added the fuchsia, light blue and lilac colors that identify the popular US city.

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MartinaAndrianoa student studying Graphic Design in Argentina, participated together with thousands of people but it was her texture designed for the RB19 by Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez that was chosen by the jury chaired by Christian Horner, team leader and CEO of Red Bull, and comprised of representatives from Oracle (Team Title Partner), Bybit (Principal Team Partner) and Mobil 1 (Technology Partner).

“The first thing I thought about when I started designing was how the air flows through and over the car… Then of course I wanted to represent Miami and the Miami race so all of that was the inspiration,” said the young Argentine woman. When choosing the colours, you were guided by the popular series of the 80s Miami deputy (Miami Division).

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Before being chosen, Andriano he was on a shortlist of 15 candidates and, in his statements to the press, he confessed that his dream has always been “to create something for a car, like a paint job, to design a suit or a helmet”.

His dream came true at the Miami Grand Prix, the fifth round of the F1 championship, and in the car of the world champion team in 2022. “Even before,” he added. I knew that one day I wanted to work in Formula 1so to receive this opportunity from Oracle Red Bull Racing is incredible.”

But that wasn’t his only award: she was invited by Red Bull to the circuit and the team reserved a place for her in the paddock. “The moment I found out I won I was shocked and speechless, I couldn’t believe it; sounds like a crazy dream,” he recalled on Thursday during the design presentation. “It will be my first race, the car will have my design and I will be in the garage. It will be an incredible week,” he remarked.

Andriano is the first winner of the contest that Red Bull promoted during the launch of the RB19 last February in New York, but he won’t be the last. Two other enthusiasts will draw the texture of the cars for the Austin and Las Vegas grand prix.

To participate you must be a member of The paddock and you have 500 points. The design, meanwhile, involves only the rear wing endplates, sidepods, the rest of the side of the frame, and the front wing endplates. Furthermore, Red Bull verifies that the design gives visibility to its partners and sponsors and is consistent with the brand’s values.

Martina Andriano posed with the RB19 she designed.  Photo Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images via AFP)

Martina Andriano posed with the RB19 she designed. Photo Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images via AFP)

“Giving our fans the opportunity to influence our design at the three races in the USA is something other teams don’t do. It is important for the team to be able to involve our fans in what we do and give them unique opportunities like this. I think Martina did a great job and the decoration is amazing if you see it liveHorner said in a statement.

Finally, the head of the Austrian team since his arrival in Formula 1 in 2005 has praised a design that “keeps the spirit” of Red Bull and “also introduces Miami to the RB19”. “I’m curious to see what we come up with for Austin and obviously Vegas, which promises to be really exciting.”

Source: Clarin

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