The “no goal” of the Argentines against Independiente: the VAR, its injustice and another chapter for the controversies

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Young Argentines AND Independent They were drawing 0-0 at La Paternal in the 28th minute of the first half of their match when there was a play that marked a before and after in the process of the clash refereed by the Buenos Aires native Niccolo Ramirezwith the support of Facundo Tello inside LAUNCH. At that moment the controversy of the night broke out.

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Under the incessant drizzle, the Bug was more than Red, who took cover and tried to get some counterattack. In one of those dangerous actions, a situation has arisen that has highlighted the limits of the VAR in Argentina, an instrument that has come to do justice but which is not the same justice for everyone.

the Paraguayan Gabriel Avalos receives a cross from the right, scores first and his shot seems to exceed the goalkeeper’s reach Rodrigo Rey but crashed into the crossbar; on the rebound, Rodrigo Cabral he rocked from the right with such bad luck that the ball bounced off the knees of Rey, one of the figures in the match. Did the ball go in or not? The referee chose to play, his assistant did not score anything and the VAR was noted for his absence.

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Television tried to replay the game to determine if Cabral’s shot went all the way across Rey’s goal line. Little light, bad position of the cameras, poor definition in the images, everything was conspired so that doubt remains, instilling a feeling of anger in all Argentinos Juniors. Finally, Independiente’s goal would arrive a few minutes later, warming spirits in the emblematic neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Rodrigo Rey's saving knee cleared what was Argentinos Juniors goal on the line.  Photo: Catch TV.

Rodrigo Rey’s saving knee cleared what was Argentinos Juniors goal on the line. Photo: Catch TV.

“What is unfair about the VAR is that there are fewer cameras in this match than there will be in the Superclásico tomorrow,” was honest one of the commentators on the telecast. In summary, VAR is not the same for everyoneand it is light years away from what was seen in other championships or from what took place at the World Cup in Qatar, where precision was pinpoint and avoided any type of subsequent discussion.

Something similar was seen last February, when the Tigre visited Racing in Avellaneda and the VAR intervened to validate a “phantom goal” which is still unclear today whether the ball hit by Braian Leizza crossed the goal line or not ‘bow defended Gabriel. Arias.

The VAR and its doubts. An outstanding account (another) of Argentine football, the champions league but with a technology that does not even pass the group stage.

Source: Clarin

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