A Superclásico with a packed Monumental, under the banner and with the Colombian villain Villa preferred by River fans

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The first Super classic after the redevelopment of the stadium Monumental has a dream setting. An hour and a quarter before the meeting was due to start, there were few seats to fill. Officially there are 83,000 spectators, over and above most of the classics that have been played before, with and without visiting audiences. The great absent from the popular party for years and the great pending issue of the management of Argentine football.

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In the surroundings of the stadium, since the early hours of the morning, thousands of red and white fans flooded a pleasant afternoon, blue and few clouds, with songs of encouragement for their own and full of anger for their eternal rivals.

At 16:43 exactly, the three goalkeepers from River enter, greeted by a resounding ovation, but 30 seconds later the three from Boca appear and a great whistle blows from all four sides. “Take it, give it to me, the one who doesn’t jump is dead in Madrid”they sang It would be repeated many times during the afternoon.

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A question circulated throughout the week and even hours before the start. What was the Superclásico with the most people? Because as capacity increased, the big speculation was that this game on Sunday May 7 would break all records. But over time, collective memory is fragile. It should not be forgotten that River and Boca played the final of the Torneo Nazionale 76, on December 22 at Racing Field, in front of 90,000 spectators. With both swollen. Although 69,099 general tickets were officially sold, but added to the protocol and “colados”, the Cylinder experienced a unique day. With a goal from Chapa Rubén Suñé, Boca won 1-0 and became champions.

Rubén Suñé, with a free kick, defined the 1976 Nacional final.

Rubén Suñé, with a free kick, defined the 1976 Nacional final.

Among so much collective euphoria, the attacker sebastian villaauthor of Boca’s goal in the 1-0 victory of the last superclassic played at the Monumental, she was the favorite victim of millionaires. “Borombombom, Borombombom, it’s the rapist’s team”, first, and “He goes to jail, and Villa is in jail…” then. It is known that the Colombian has an open proceeding for minor injuries aggravated by the bond, gender-based violence and coercive threats against his ex-partner.

In a scenography full of color and warmth, the low grandstands of the Monumentale were dressed 1,700 banners, specially made for the occasion by the Supporters Subcommittee, after the 1-5 draw with Fluminense at the Maracanà and as a demonstration of support for the players, as well as the banner they made on Saturday night on the beach outside the concentration window. In addition, 80,000 red and white balloons were distributed which will form a huge flag. The so-called pendorchos were in the Sívori, Belgrano and Centenario, while a huge curtain was unfolded in the upper San Martín.

Also, as anticipated clarion, the Supporters Subcommittee presented a new sheet, in the shape of a giant shirt, with the format of the 2018 one, the Libertadores shield on the chest and with a legend linked to the Madrid final: The Biggest in History”. On the 4th, for the four Libertadores won: 1986. 1996, 2015 and 2018. When they lined him up, already with the teams on the pitch, the classic “… whoever doesn’t jump, died in Madrid” exploded once again .

Obviously, there was no shortage of red and white smoke at the reception and the fireworks that exploded behind the stalls of San Martínas usual before every big game.

There was a certain calm as the two teams did their pre-match exercises on the pitch until the female voice of the stadium began to chant the formations. Boos for rivals and cheers for theirs.

However, the sore point of the day struck shortly after five in the afternoon. Since not even a pin could enter, the accesses were closed, there were fans who remained outside, protests, there were bullfights and the police repressed with rubber bullets.

In the 10 minutes before Darío Herrera’s opening whistle, “River, my good friend” became an anthem supported by all four sides. The Superclásico was already being played from the stands.

Source: Clarin

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