The origin of the scandal in the Superclásico: provocation after the goal, pitched battle and AC Milan show with seven sent off for River and Boca

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A piece of paper There’s no other way to describe the end of Argentine football’s Superclásico, after the pitched battle erupted between the players after Miguel Borja’s penalty. It lasted about 15 minutes and had as protagonists, in addition to the players, the private police forces. It is that, while trying to separate the players, they also slapped each other. Darío Herrera sent off three men from Boca and three from River.

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But what was the fuse that lit the scandal? While all the River players celebrated on one side of the pitch called by the Colombian scorer, Agustín Palavecino stood at the goal of the area shouting the goal in front of several Boca players. At the moment, Chiquito Romero tackled him, grabbed him by the neck, several Xeneizes players surrounded him and a big fight broke out.

Three River players immediately arrived and in the first few pushes Romero and Advíncula fell to the floor. Then joined Alan Varela, who had fired from the bench, and hurled a pineapple into the air which hit the head of a rival.

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Both substitutes’ benches came onto the pitch, the cheering River players joined in the brawl, as well as the private security men in their orange vests, and for fifteen minutes there was a gruesome scene, a lot more of 50 characters who moved menacingly from the center of the playing field to the sides of the San Martín grandstand.

It was more than ten minutes before things began to calm down. On one side the River players and on the other those of Boca, each in their own sector of the game. Behind the border line, separated by private security, substitutes and coaching staff. And Herrera started handing out reds. The first, Palavecino, the great accident manager. Subsequently, substitutes Ezequiel Centurión and Elías Gómez. Three players played for Boca: Miguel Merentiel, Ezequiel Fernández and Nahuel Valentini. Also coach Jorge Almirón.

Play resumed with 10 local players and 8 visitors. We still play a couple of minutes, River is close to doubling and after the final whistle from Herrera the local celebrations begin. There were more protests and members of Boca’s coaching staff fell out with members of private security. Gradually everything calmed down, but he will continue to talk about the scandal throughout the week and will be remembered for a long time.

Source: Clarin

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