River beats Boca in a Superclásico finished with pineapple: Borja’s goal in ’92, Palavecino’s provocation and pitched battle

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There is a superclassic turmoil. Everything gets confused in this finale in pure racing and hitting. Almost all players River and of Mouthplus both technical bodies and security agents put together a big ball of people. there were already pineapples and now everyone is grabbing their shirts, inviting each other to fight, dressing up as handsome. Only one person remains unaware of everything: Miguel Borja, in the middle of the field, contemplates how the Monumental moves from here to there to the rhythm of the song. And the Colombian raises his hands, harangues the crowd, smiles while the others grit their teeth. After all, the Hummingbird is one of the protagonists of the duel: he scored the goal with which River beat Boca 1-0 on penalty.

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It was chaos at the end, a sad picture. Boca had to move to play the last 2 minutes of the duel, but they had almost no players. Darío Herrera had handed out red cards to those in and out; and visitors have paid more because Ezequiel Fernández, Nicolás Valentini and Miguel Merentiel They were playing. The river only lost Agustín Palavecino, the one targeted by all visitors. So, he had nothing to go looking for the Boca tie with. It must also be said that, being eleven against eleven, those commanded by Jorge Almirón have done very little to win.

There was speculation during the week about how Boca would play at the Monumental. Due to previous precedents, one possibility was that Jorge Almirón had ordered an attack on his leaders. The other alternative being considered was to go on the counterattack, with Luis Advíncula and Sebastián Villa. No way was it thought that Boca would defend so much in Núñez,

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That's how it ended after the excessive Palavecino party.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

That’s how it ended after the excessive Palavecino party. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

Is it wrong to defend yourself? Obviously not. It is one of the many variations that a football match can offer. Perhaps Almirón thought that keeping the zero in his goal would cause the local to despair and thus find room for a run from Sebastián Villa. But the Colombian was far from Franco Armani’s goal and only caused something in the last play of the first half, when Enzo Pérez earned a yellow card for knocking him down.

He opted for a very compact 5-3-2 Almirón, with the full-backs contained and with the central 3 line not so backward. The distance between the defenders and Vázquez was not huge. Not once did Valentin Barco go on the attack early on. Advíncula has risen to three quarters to send an unproductive center. Boca didn’t kick on goal in the first set simply because they didn’t offer it.

Martín Demichelis made a small change to the formation: this time it was 4-2-3-1, with Nicolás De la Cruz on the right and Ignacio Fernández as a hitch. That move had a clear idea: to attack the shoulders of the young Barco. And from there came the best actions in the club because the players took turns to go and punch that space. They were Casco, De la Cruz, Aliendro, Fernández and Beltrán. But the millionaire group lacked completion. Many of the midfielders got away with it, even if they didn’t find the final pass. Possession of 69 percent paints what the first 45 minutes were like. Even if it’s better not to widen things: River hasn’t made enormous merits in the lead, beyond managing the ball and assuming the role of protagonist.

Hull defeats Merentiel in a hard fight.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

Hull defeats Merentiel in a hard fight. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

Sergio Romero didn’t make great saves and Franco Armani didn’t touch him. Lowercase He made an effort to cover a couple of distant shots of Nacho Fernández, the most sympathetic of the locals. Beltrán had a clear header, but missed the goal. There wasn’t much else.

And he got in a lot, obviously. He could not miss. Darío Herrera handed out 7 yellow cards in that early stage; the first for Aliendro was at 4.

In the complement, Boca went ahead by a few meters and River was left without legs. The process has become smoother. All the same, the place continued to have the starring role. Romero takes a difficult ball from De la Cruz, destined for a great goal.

Demichelis was more ambitious than Almirón. The changes of one were offensive, while those of the other had to keep what was established. And the appearance of Pablo Solari from Aliendro was fundamental. Micho He understood that he had to keep attacking young Barco’s back. The Córdoba man hit the post and they committed the -finished- penalty which Borja traded for a goal.

Mouth? Too poor, without greatness. Milton Casco put in a good finish in Villa’s one-on-one and the Colombian tested Armani twice from distance, once from a free-kick. That was all he accomplished in 90 minutes.

Sandez’s penalty came to Solari, Borja’s goal, the embrace between Demichelis and his son Bastian, the celebrations and the pure red scandal. The duel did not deserve such an end. But if anyone deserved success for what he did on the court, it was River.

Source: Clarin

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