Chiquito Romero left with all the rage and bet against Palavecino and Herrera after Boca’s defeat in the Superclásico

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He has a lot of experience Sergio Romerothe archer of Mouth. And for this Lowercase was the first to speak after the heartbreaking defeat at the hands of River inside in Super classic. And he didn’t go in circles: he bet against Agustín Palavecino for having unleashed the scandal, he questioned the arbitration of Darío Herrera for the penalty received and for the reds he showed Miguel Merentiel, Nicolás Valentini and Equi Fernández and considered that “Zero to zero would have been a good result.”

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“The penalty is very doubtful. I asked the referee and he told me it’s a clear penalty. At no time did he consult the VAR from what I understand. Seeing the game, it’s not a penalty to be collected, it’s a minimal touch and should never have been charged. It’s not a kick that blew his leg off. I asked the River player (for Pablo Solari) and he said “it’s my turn” and he touched his shin guard “Romero started .

And he continued: “We’re leaving with a very bitter feeling. I said it to Palavecino and all the guys at River. With the previous coach they had managed to get everyone talking about them and now it’s a total lack of respect that Ci they yelled the goal in the face. I told Enzo, Demichelis and everyone. When I went to get him, I said to him: what are you doing?”

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He immediately turned the guns on referee Herrera. “After the match I asked him why he threw three of us. He told me why they were all throwing pineapples. I asked Valentini and he told me that I didn’t throw any pineapples. It’s very difficult to define Herrera’s refereeing. He I say it to my face that from the VAR they told him it was a penalty and it wasn’t like that. In the first half he had done a good job, but in the second the match got out of hand”.

At the touch, before a new question from the journalists, Romero returned to Agustín Sández’s offense which ended with the penalty that made the difference. “The penalty is very punctual. I just saw it and it’s not a clear penalty. It’s hard to know what Herrera thinks. If he remains with his ego to say I saw it and it’s a penalty or if he asks the VAR. No He went to the VAR, he didn’t ask and he hurt us, he finished zero to zero nailed and for us it would have been a good result”.

And that’s not all: “I have serious doubts that Herrera asked the VAR as he said to my face. Solari’s leg doesn’t even go forward like when they kick you. When you have the technology it’s not very difficult to ask and they answer you The VAR should provide solutions, they brought the technology but it’s a shame they didn’t use it today and they hurt us. This same play in the River box would not have been charged for.”

Finally, beyond the bitterness for the three points left on the street, the former Argentine national team goalkeeper said he was satisfied with the evolution of Boca since the arrival of Jorge Almirón on the substitutes bench.

“We see another Boca. We are on the right track. They go a long way. We have to raise our heads and continue.”

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Source: Clarin

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