The game of Darío Herrera, the Superclásico referee: from the short rein to the wrist and decisive penalty

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It shouldn’t be easy running a River-Boca, of course. The magnifying glass has been placed on the referees since before the appointment of the person in charge of delivering justice in the Superclásico. And he knows, the chosen one, that the day-or week-after he will be talked about, whatever happens. And Darío Herrera’s performance wasn’t good: he’s been looking for a long time wristthe game got out of hand.

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Photo Emmanuel Fernández - CLARIN

Photo Emmanuel Fernández – CLARIN

It all started with an early warning a Rodrigo Aliendro, 4 minutes. The ex Colón’s ball went long on a control, Pol Fernández put the plate on it and Herrera tried to mark the field with that action. There weren’t too many protests. It happened that in the next action, Alan Varella He brought down Ignacio Fernández from behind and didn’t apply the same criteria. It was the first protest of the locals.

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Herrera tired of getting yellow cards early on. Leandro Gonzalez Pirez He hit Villa from behind and then Varela clipped a counter-attack from Nacho Fernández. paper a Enzo Diaz maybe he was rushed because he went to play the ball with Advíncula. Pol Fernández paid for repetition e Nicholas Figal he clipped Esequiel Barco on his way to the area. In the last of that spicy first time, Enzo Perez He committed a tactical foul before a Villa run.

Thus, in the first part Herrera approved, as well as rushing into some disciplinary sanction.

Photo: Emmanuel Fernández - Clarin

Photo: Emmanuel Fernández – Clarin

Everything got out of hand in the second half.. Herrera thought too much, he tried to close the duel with 22 players and that was his big mistake. There were errors for the second warnings of Enzo DiazFrom Milton helmet and of Alan Varella. Also Jorge Almiron He eliminated the central midfielder (Ezequiel Fernández put in) after a dangerous infringement.

And what to say about the prison. The lack of Agostino Sandez in view of Pablo Solari. The contact existed and Herrera must be right. But, he repeats, it was over. If his idea of ​​him was to lead with a wrist, he should have omitted that action in the final moment of the duel. The feeling is that the VAR would not have summoned him for review. However, and it is repeated, the contact was real and Solari was more mischievous than Sandez, who entered the trap.

In the turmoil there is not much to say about Herrera, who has withdrawn from the scene and contemplated the paper. Who started it all was Agustín Palavecino, who shouted the goal to Figal. Chiquito Romero and Uruguayan De la Cruz intertwined and everything got out of hand. What followed were the thousands of videos that went viral around the world. Because the image that arrives on the planet is the fight and the red cards distributed by the referee.

Photo: Emmanuel Fernández - Clarin

Photo: Emmanuel Fernández – Clarin

Herrera met with his assistants Juan Pablo Belatti AND Pablo Gonzalezand with the fourth mate Yael Falcon Perez. From the Var, Silvio Makeup had his say Palavecino and substitutes Ezequiel Centurión and Elías Gómez were sent off in River. In Boca, the red went to Ezequiel Fernández, Miguel Merentiel and Nicolás Valentini; all three were in the field. Jorge Almirón, who had been quite energetic during the match, also went to the locker room earlier.

One of Herrera’s virtues was that he was able to resume the match after the long minutes of scandal. He conceded two more minutes and the game was completed. In the end all the Boca players went to protest against something, even though tempers had already calmed down.

Darío Herrera will have another River-Boca for which he will be remembered. He was the referee on pepper spray night, the day the Superclásico was suspended due to the attack on visiting Bombonera players. And now he was the star of River-Boca with the most reds in history.

Source: Clarin

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