Nikola Jokic ran into the Suns boss in the middle of the game and asked the NBA for protection

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Nikola Jokic signed a majestic performance with 53 points, his NBA scoring record, but the Denver nuggets They squandered their star’s mega recital and fell Sunday before the phoenix suns from 129-124. Thus, this Western semi-final was tied with two wins for each team. However, the defeat was not the main reason for bitterness for the phenomenal Serbian pivot, who was completely taken aback after the cross with mat ishbiafranchise owner from Arizona and pointed out that the NBA must protect the players during any spectator interference.

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The referee told me I nudged that fan, but the fan put his hands on me first.”Jokic said at a press conference.“The league should protect us (players) or whatever. But maybe I’m wrong.”it was ironic when it came to reenacting the strangest moment of the match when a loose ball went off the pitch and into the hands of Ishbia, a wealthy real estate businessman.

Jokic approached the front row to take the ball and get it out as soon as possible, taking advantage of the fact that they had numerical superiority with an opposing player on the ground, but Ishbia kept it, so the Serbian, with a puzzled expression, he pushed the owner of the Phoenix slightly with his elbow -who exaggerated before letting himself fall- and one spectator did the same to Jokic as other fans gave shouts to the Denver reference.

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Without this incident with some tension reaching the majors, Jokic suffered a technical foul and the spectator was ejected from the stadium.

Questioned after the meeting by reporters as to whether he knew that person owned the Suns, Jokic stressed that he should be treated like one more fan.

“I know who he is, but he’s a fan, right? Sitting on the pitch, he’s a fan, right? That doesn’t mean what he is… He can’t influence the game by holding the ball.”pointed to the Serb, who felt Ishbia should have been ejected from the stadium.

Another scene of the crossing between Nikola Jokic and Mat Ishbia.  Photo: AFP

Another scene of the crossing between Nikola Jokic and Mat Ishbia. Photo: AFP

Later, another reporter asked him if he feared a fine or penalty from the NBA for what happened.“Why? (…) Their hands were on me. But won’t they protect me? Will they protect the fan? I mean, not me as a person. I’m talking about me as a player. They can do whatever they want, of course, they don’t care.” , but I think they should protect the players.”discussion.

The referee Tony Brothersresponsible for this meeting between the Nuggets and the Suns, he explained his view of what happened to the pool of NBA reporters.“The ball went around the corner and one of the spectators was holding the ball. Jokic went to get the ball, took it from him and then deliberately pushed him and slammed him (on the chair) and for this he received a technician for Unsportsmanlike behavior”He explained.

When asked why Jokic wasn’t sent off, Brothers called a technical “the appropriate penalty for what happened there.” Game 5 of this series will be played Tuesday at the home of Denver.

Source: EFE

Source: Clarin

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