Sub 20 World Cup: Mascherano’s team had a new training session and Luka Romero scored a great goal

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This time on the perfect grass of the fields owned by Ezeiza, the ball kicked by Lionel Messi does not roll. This time is the time for those seeking to follow the path of the world’s best in the Argentina national team. This time It’s the Sub 20 boys’ turn commanded by Javier Mascheranowho are already fully preparing for the World Cup which will be played from 20 May in the country. The troop is almost complete because only Matías Soulé is missing. When does it add up?

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With 20 of 21 called up by Jefecito, Argentina moved on this Tuesday, in his second trial. On Monday, the delegation took first place, albeit with some absences. Now Agustín Giay, Ignacio Miramón and Tomas Avilés have joined the concentration, who had not been able to do it on the first day because they played for San Lorenzo, Gimnasia and Racing respectively, at the end of the 15th round of the professional League.

This is how the group is almost formed, which is just waiting for the arrival of the Juve youth teams who will land from Europe this Friday, as per the agreements with the Italian club.

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Is that the agreement was that Soulé was released after the commitment against Sevilla this Thursday for the semi-final of the Europa League. And there yes, Masche will be able to say that he finally has all his elected officials. Well, not all because it must be remembered that he failed to convince Manchester United, Real Madrid and Brighton to give up Alejandro Garnacho, Nicolás Paz and Facundo Buonanotte.

But the DT wastes no time. And he injects a lot of intensity into his practices. On this Tuesday afternoon, the Mascherano boys they did soccer jobs against the Sub 20 of the Salita led by Claudio Gugnali. Dynamics, short touches, blocks and many goals could be observed in the minutes agreed by the press. Luka Romero, the jewel of Lazio scored a great goal with a nice long shot behind a wall.

The set-up will continue to be challenging. The coach wants football to be the star of his team. For this reason he outlined two friendlies before the debut on Saturday the 20th against Uzbekistan in Santiago de Estero. They will face the Dominican Republic on Thursday and Japan on Monday, both at the Ezeiza stadium and behind closed doors.

Argentina will travel Thursday next week to Santiago de Abroad waiting for the first. And it will remain in that province since the second match of group A will also be at the Madre de Ciudades stadium three days later, against Guatemala. Later he will move to San Juan where he will face New Zeland on May 26 to close your area.

Source: Clarin

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