The goalkeeper celebrated before half time, but Almagro dropped to Unión and eliminated them from the Argentine Cup

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slimyalthough his goalkeeper celebrated a penalty before the victory, this Tuesday he had the pleasure of eliminating Union of Santa Fethe last of the Professional League, in the 32nd round of the Argentina Cup. The set of First National they won 4-3 in the definition from 12 passes, after drawing 1-1 in the 90 normal minutes at the Único de San Nicolás stadium.

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The Almagro party for the Unión de Santa Fe.  Photo: Prensa Copa Argentina.

The Almagro party for the Unión de Santa Fe. Photo: Prensa Copa Argentina.

Until there it was Charles Tevez witness this match that had Unión dominating the first half, which ended in a 1-0 win with a goal converted by Imanol Machuca at 23 minutes.

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But in the second stage slimytwelfth in Zone A of the Primera Nacional tournament but one point short of entering Ridotto’s classified batch for second promotion to the LPF, he came out determined to fight for parity and quickly achieved that goal.

It is that after 8 minutes Alexis Cuello, the figure of the match, reached parity which gave another look at the development, since from then on everything became more balanced and the uncertainty about the result remained until the end .

So much so that the definition ended on penalties, where the other figure of Almagro stood out, the goalkeeper Emiliano González, who saved the last two shots of the Unión players.

Even in the last penalty against Mateo Del Blanco (the previous one was saved by Ezequiel Cañete), González believed his team had won and took off his shirt to celebrate, but as teammate Maximiliano Rogoski’s decisive shot was still missing, he was reprimanded by referee Andrés Garino for that action, which ended in some gestural laughter between the two.

Now, in the 16th. In the final Almagro will have a rival of two categories less as Excursionistas, from the First C, which in the instances of 32nd. He also left none other than another first division team like Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata to penalties.

Source: Clarin

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