Video: Kun Agüero’s statement to Guardiola: “I don’t understand why he doesn’t put Julián?

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He Kun Aguero participated in Star +’s Twitch during the Champions League semi-final between real Madrid AND Manchester City, his former club. Together with Miguel Simón and Martín Souto, the former footballer reacted live and analyzed together with the two journalists. And there, the Argentinian has criticized Guardiola for never including Julián Álvarez, saying he sometimes “doesn’t understand” his former coach’s decisions. Look at everything he said.

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From “Guardiola is very happy” to the complaint about exchange rates

Kun began the direct with flattery towards the young striker of Argentina national team, highlighting his good level every time he had to play and considering that, for his profile, he is someone Guardiola likes. “Pep likes it a lot, that the attacker always stings. I’ve never spoken to him personally but, from what I know of his environment, he is delighted with Julián“, assured the former Citizen. “In addition to being small, he always breaks your defenses from all sides… He is restless. People (from the chat) say that Julián enters the second half and rocks”.

However, both stream viewers and Agüero stayed for a while wanting to see Julián, who never entered. This caused the discomfort of the former Barcelona and Independiente, who said he “didn’t understand” the Spanish coach.

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Agüero told everything to Pep (AP).

Agüero told everything to Pep (AP).

“What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t wear it. I always wonder about it. I know he has Haaland and that Pep doesn’t marry anyone, but for him it’s a game…“, expressed Agüero. “The way the game is, with the team more withdrawn, Julián in the open field can give you more alternatives,” agreed Miguel Simón.

As the minutes went by, the former striker continued to complain about the manager’s decision: “I would put it on almost any game, but why do I need it active, with a spark. But knowing Guardiola, he won’t put him on unless Real Madrid win…“.

Kun had Guardiola as Dt in his final years at City.  Photo: REUTERS.

Kun had Guardiola as Dt in his final years at City. Photo: REUTERS.

After the meeting, he showed his anger again and explained a little what Pep does with the modifications. “The crazy thing is that he doesn’t make substitutions. I think Juli could have played for a while. But they’re things that he has, that’s how it is. If you feel you need to make a change, you do it, but otherwise you don’t.. He doesn’t care who’s in the bank, who puts it, who sings it…”, he concluded.

look at everything he said

Agüero could “retire” from the creek

After having to retire from football, now even Kun’s new internship as a streamer could be numbered. This was confirmed by the Argentine, who revealed that he will leave the Twitch platform for a while to enter the world of YouTube.

As revealed by the former Argentine national team goalscorer, It’s about “a very important brand that wants me to make content for their channel”. Furthermore, he added that he will do it in order to better showcase the content he wants to produce.

Kun Agüero would change Twitch for Youtube.

Kun Agüero would change Twitch for Youtube.

“Dinner, roasts, jump in the pool, travel, tell ’em what I do. I think the fun thing would be to tell them the things I do. For example, I’m now going to Vegas for a poker tournament. It would be cool to do stuff in Vegas and see the silly things we do there,” Kun said.

The former Argentina striker has more than 4 million followers on his SLAKUN10 account on the world’s most popular streaming platform. He also has more than 16 million followers on his Twitter account and more than 30 million on his Instagram account.

Source: Clarin

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