Miguel Ángel’s last wish: one day before undergoing euthanasia, he was able to meet the team he was a fan of

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Miguel Angel He was 24 years old and suffered, in excruciating pain, from a congenital disease that forced him to spend his days in a wheelchair, with limited motor skills and no hope of improvement. The decision of the family was euthanasialegalized in Colombiayour country, from 2021.

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Two days before the date, a user of Chirping He turned to his followers to issue a challenge: Paola Moyano knew Miguel Ángel and, like him, is a fan of Millonarios. “In my family we have an acquaintance who will undergo euthanasia this week and his greatest desire is to be able to approach the Millionaires players today. Who can help me?”, she asked, with her game budding.

The next thing he did was, with his mother’s permission, feature it in a post. What happened was heartwarming as very quickly the degrees of separation between people were oiled and the wish was fulfilled.

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“It was very difficult. We were all calm, nobody wanted to say a word. It’s hard to see a person like that and even more so for what they told us would happen to him. The captain said let’s play for him, it’s his last game. If he’s going to leave us, let him leave us happy. Sometimes we complain about nonsense… This left us a good message”, Juan Pablo Vargas was moved later in the press conference, with the 3-1 that completed the homage. The preview between Millionaires and Alianza Petrolera had Miguel Ángel in the locker room.

“We know he’s one more fan, a fan who touched our hearts and believed that part of the game was in his honor. We came out to give our best to make him happy,” said Miguel Castro, also a striker of the Colombian club.

“It’s a very difficult moment, it’s up to you. Many times we live in our own bubble and when you feel that it moves our fibers a lot. We feel the responsibility that Miguel Ángel had a good evening. I’ve known Miguel Ángel since 2019, so it’s difficult,” said captain David Mackalister Silva in turn.

It is that Miguel Angel was a loyal fan: at home he was always in the North West stand. The last one was during the week and with the win. The next appointment will be the first out of breath.

Source: Clarin

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