The seven best plays of the first day of padel A1: two points without looking and crazy shots in River

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The place is impressive. The presence of the stadium More monumental as the venue for the tournament Padel Axion A1 everything that happens in the tournament, having returned to Argentina after spending a year without activity in our territory, is magnificent. They are not the 83,000 fans who attended the stadium just three days ago Millionaire experience Superclásico football against Mouth, who ended up celebrating the place, those who were there to enjoy the day. But for the paddle, it’s a large amount of audience.

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As the hours went by, and little by little, the stands of the microstadium located under the historic Nuñez stadium began to fill up with people who flocked during the afternoon, while others took the opportunity to visit the stands of the different brands. support the tournament and others who eagerly awaited their entry. With the red and white colors prevailing in the assembly of the structure, the protagonists put on a show that has left a great impression.

Juani De Pascual in action in Padel A1.  Photo: A1 Paddle press.

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Juani De Pascual in action in Padel A1. Photo: A1 Paddle press.

The central show was given by the number 1 pair in the standings, made up of the Argentines Frank Dal Bianco AND Maximilian Arcewho with authority in the first game managed to prevail with a solid 6-0 in his favour. The second set seemed to have taken a turn against him, but the hierarchy of his game meant that this situation was not a lasting problem to overturn the result, consolidating his victory by taking the second set of 6-4and go to the round of 16 of the tournament.

Dal Bianco triumphed, together with Maxi Arce, in the Monumentale.  Photo: A1 Paddle press.

Dal Bianco triumphed, together with Maxi Arce, in the Monumentale. Photo: A1 Paddle press.

In this tournament the colors are left aside and each player is focused on achieving victory which grants him a chance to reach the latter stages of the tournament. This is exactly what Dal Bianco did, self-confessed Boca fanwho obtained the comfortable and sometimes painful victory.

I come from the other box, from the rival, but for us it is gratifying, because we want to get rid of the plug from the last tournament that we were in the semifinals. We are happy with people, friends and family, we can’t ask for more,” said the 23-year-old player born in Quilmes.

The other results of the round of 16

Nicolás Egea – Ivo Andenmatten 6/7 6/2 6/2 to Pablo Deltell – Victor Saenz
Luciano Puppo – Leo Yob 2/6 6/0 6/3 to Fabricio Peiron – Tomas Alaimo
Oier Zuaza – Daniel Martínez 6/2 7/6 Javier Reiter – Julián Leite
Santiago Castañeyra – Oscar Guiral 6/0 6/3 Joaquín Gaitan – Alejandro Pérez
Franco Dal Bianco – Massimiliano Arce 6/0 6/4 Daniel Blanco – Rodrigo López
Alex Chozas – Cristian Gutierrez 6/3 6/2 JP Flores – Stefano Flores
Gonzalo Alfonso – Juani De Pascual 6/4 6/1 Santiago Rolla – Facundo López
S. Frugoni – Yain Melgratti 6/7 6/4 6/4 to A.Urzola – J.Pérez

This was the round of 16

Maximiliano Sánchez – Andres Britos 6/1 6/2 in Calleja – Collo
Agustín Torre – Diego Ramos 7/6 6/4 in Ferreyra – Da Cunha
Federico Chiostri – Pablo Barrera 6/3 6/1 in De Astoreca – Maldonado
Leonel Aguirre – Adrián Allemandi 6/1 6/1 in Parra – Andrada
Alex Chozas – Cristian Gutiérrez 6/0 7/6 a Yob – Puppo ​
Juan De Pascual – Gonzalo Alfonso 6/0 6/3 in Castañeyra – Guiral
Yain Melgratti – Santiago Frugoni 6/3 6/0 in Andenmatten – Egea
​Maximiliano Arce – Franco Dal Bianco 6/4 6/3 at Oier Zuaza – Daniel Martínez

Source: Clarin

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