FIFAGate: Alejandro Burzaco will know his sentence, 8 years after the scandal that shook power in football

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Alexander Burzacoformer CEO of the company tournamentswill know this Friday the sentence in the trial that is being held against him for his participation in the so-called FIFA porta corruption plot involving football leaders from different corners of the planet as well as businessmen.

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Burzaco, who was one of the main entrepreneurial faces linked to this criminal network that began to make itself known in 2015, is tried for unlawful association, conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering, crimes of which he was found guilty. For this I was able to receive a sentence of up to 60 years’ imprisonment. The resolution will be read by Judge Pamela Chen in the New York courts.

Alejandro Burzaco, the former CEO of Tournaments.  (Photo: Reuters)

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Alejandro Burzaco, the former CEO of Tournaments. (Photo: Reuters)

In November 2015, the entrepreneur, first a fugitive in Italy and then extradited to the United States, admitted to having paid bribes to various exponents of the world of football, including the former president of the Argentine Football Federation, Giulio Humberto Grondonato which he allegedly paid about 30 million dollars.

Subsequently, Burzaco assumed the role of accused collaborator in the various investigations that took place in New York. He was a witness in two trials: the one that led to the convictions of the former president of the South American Football Confederation Juan Ángel Napout and the former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation José María Marín; and also in what was carried out this year and led to a conviction of former Fox executive Hernán López and the company Full Play Group SA for paying bribes for the rights to broadcast the Copa América and the qualifiers World Cup, and with the acquittal of the Mexican Carlos Martinez.

Source: Clarin

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