Nuova Bombonera on Demarchi Island: how it would be inside the stadium project for 112,000 fans

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It’s election year in Boca. And in the absence of a few months for the members to express themselves with their vote, the space Xeneiz Family He has already launched his strongest proposal to convince the fans for December. Hand in hand with your candidate George Royalpresented in detail the idea of ​​a new Bombonera, located a few blocks from the current one, but with a capacity that would double that of Alberto J. Armando.

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The group chaired by Diego Lajsttold through a 2-minute video each of the novelties that the new work that would be placed on Demarchi Island would bring with it, with the motto “We can dream it. United we can do it“.

Reale’s idea would be to keep the current stadium until the completion of the construction of the new Bombonera, also located in the La Boca district, right 1,300 meters away from each other. The construction would take place in Demarchi Island, in a property of 12 hectares. To do this, the group must obtain permission from the national government to be able to legally start working on the land ownership.

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The strength of this proposal is the capacity it would offer. A total of 112,000 fans could attend the new Bombonera: 70,000 seats more than the current capacity. As regards the allocation of seats, 60,000 seats would be assigned to subscribers and another 52,000 would correspond to season-ticket holders. In addition, there would also be parking for 4,500 seats, VIP and tourist boxes and a 360° viewpoint that would allow you to observe the Alberto J. Armando. Indeed, the construction of a direct access to the stadium would have already been stipulated.

The aesthetic that the new Bombonera de Reale would present.

The aesthetic that the new Bombonera de Reale would present.

The new Bombonera would bring with it the construction of three retractable bridges that would help all fans to cross the island where the stadium would be located, allowing for a corridor through which one could pass directly from the current courthouse to that of the future.

An important factor is safety and it is estimated that there would be no problems since the project guarantees deconcentration or evacuation which does not take more than 15 or 20 minutes. The construction of a direct descent to the field from the Buenos Aires – La Plata motorway would also be required..

Despite the country’s economic situation, the engineers have already confirmed that it is feasible to go ahead with the project, which would cost around 400 million dollars. The financing of the same would be generated by the pre-sale of various seats of the stadium, as well as by the marketing of the name it would own and through loans to the state. In Reale’s intention to encourage support, there would also be a possible candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup, which could take place in South America.

Xeneize Family, the group that dreams of the new Bombonera.

Xeneize Family, the group that dreams of the new Bombonera.

Who is Jorge Real?

George Royalnicknamed as Coca Cola, is the advertising entrepreneur who owns the Reale Dalla Torre agency who exactly one year ago announced the launch of his campaign in front of Xeneiz Family. He is currently 51 years old and originally from Mendoza. He is a Boca fan and has been seen on several occasions attending the stadium as a simple fan. For now, his first proposal has been officially presented: the construction of a new stadium for 112,000 fans.

Real and the photo of his campaign.  Photo: Xeneize family.

Real and the photo of his campaign. Photo: Xeneize family.

Source: Clarin

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