The courageous Vélez bar entered training with force and demanded answers from the team led by Ricardo Gareca

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The very poor gear of Velez In the Professional soccer league This Friday had a not too comforting blow for the team he leads Ricardo Garecaas a group of brave bar members were sent into training to ask for a quick helm from the footballers.

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According to partisan journalists familiar with the daily life of Liniers’ team, the visit took place this Friday morning at the Ituzaingó Olympic Village, where the players were training with their eyes fixed on the duel they will play on Monday. to José Amalfitani for the 16th appointment of the national tournament.

Twelve supporters spread across three vehicles entered the property. They did so after breaking through the barrier of one of the entrances and went nonstop to the sector where the players were practicing. There they asked to speak to the most experienced men in the group: captain Lautaro Giannetti, Diego Godín, Lucas Pratto, Lucas Janson, José Florentín and Walter Bou.

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The exchange was short, no more than 10 minutes. The fans took the lead, extremely dissatisfied with the team’s performance in their latest introductions. The conductors of the stands demanded greater commitment from the players and immediate results. They left before the police arrived.

Vélez’s present is rather pale and, so far, little has been done to change it by Ricardo Gareca, who took over as manager on 8 March, replacing Uruguayan Alexander Medina. Since then, the Strong He played nine matches, of which he won only one, drew five and lost three.

“We are beaten, that’s it. We are not in a good time and it is not ideal. Because everyone in Vélez is wrong, but we will try to move forward. We compete until they score against us and then we fall. We have to work on that,” Gareca analyzed after a 2-0 defeat by Estudiantes in La Plata on Sunday.

Liniers’ team, 22nd in the Professional Soccer League with just 16 points from 15 appearances, will receive Rosario Central on Monday at 20:30, seventh with 26 points. In that duel, the Strong will be looking to cut a seven-game winless streak. The last was 4-0 against Central Córdoba at the José Amalfitani on 21 March for the eighth round of the match.

Source: Clarin

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