El Tanque Silva does not give up and at 42 he plays in the fifth division of Spain for the love of football

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The story of Santiago Silva in football it seems that he does not want to finish. The Uruguayan is stainless. The striker who left his mark on Argentine football hasn’t yet thought about hanging up his boots, but he wore the shirt of the HR stickA team of Rum raisin of the semi-professional fifth division of Spanish football. There he continues to showcase some of his craziness, which soon captures the attention of the cameras and the handful of fans who follow the club.

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The Uruguayan of 42 years old He left behind the worst moment of his career. After going through nearly 700 days of suspension due to a controversial positive doping penalty (while he was being treated for fatherhood), the Tank He took out his last player cartridges. When it was speculated that this episode would hasten his decision to leave football, the former Boca and Banfield, among other teams, he has never given up on his idea of ​​wanting to retire to the field.

After a short stay at Aldosivi, Silva landed in Spain, where he has been 2 goals scored in 7 matches.

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The story it has Tank within football, added to his perseverance and way of living it, he made his adventure through the fifth division of Spain captured by the cameras of a well-known cycle for the sport, “The day after”. There he is seen in his daily life as a Palo FC player and in his relationship with his teammates and fans.

After accepting the challenge of the Iberian country, the Tank has become one of the oldest references in the squad. And he takes with humor the age difference he maintains with the younger boys. “If they see a 42-year-old running, like I had to run today, the lads can’t say anything,” said the footballer after a win that got him excited about promotion with his side.

Just 3 months after his arrival, everyone already recognizes the player’s way of being. “The fight to win the charge against the boys (Spanish expression to refer to young people) in their twenties is one of his passions. He enjoys himself”, says the Spanish TV.

And I add: “It is the perfect example of what we know as a tank attacker.Europeans were not slow to assimilate the reason that led him to be nicknamed in this way in our country.

Silva with his family enjoys the Spanish lands.  Photo: @tanquesilva09

Silva with his family enjoys the Spanish lands. Photo: @tanquesilva09

Nuevo San Ignacio, Palo’s home stadium, is Tank’s new home. And the lands of Malaga offer many comforts to both him and his family: the report classifies them as “a humble team that has everything”.

Despite the media acknowledgment, it didn’t take fans long to warm to one of the players with the craziest celebrations in Argentine football. “We have it all: beach, fish, even a tank‘, joked a Palo fan. Although there were only 1,500 supporters, none of them neglected their appreciation for the Uruguayan.

Perseverance and motivation are what he always stood for Tank, which is allowing him to keep a good gift. “You are happy, you have a completely different experience. But hey, I have the humility to accept it and continue to grow,” said the striker.

And in his Instagram account he also refers to the same thing. “A person who is truly committed to their dream makes those decisions that no one else wants to make.“, posted the player while showing one of his goals from a penalty with the shirt of the Post, with an exultation true to his style.

Since his arrival at the club, Silva has been clear about what he can contribute to his team, mindful of his age. “When I spoke to the president, he showed me the project and I didn’t doubt it. From the first moment I felt very supported; a lot of humility and a human environment that you don’t usually see when you play in the First Division. My intention is to infect and transmit. I had to experience very good things, and also bad things. This led me to continue wanting to play football. I have a word tattooed, which is attitude. I set goals in life. I am aware that I am 42 years old, but I can make the team grow“, confessed the tank in his presentation with the FC Palo.

Silva has always been characterized by not hiding his emotions. And in this case it is possible to recognize that the desire to continue to expand one’s statistics in the world of football is real. The report demonstrates this by following him on several occasions fighting hand to hand against rivals, relying on his experience and the experience gained in all his years as a player. But when it’s his turn to watch the match from outside, the cameras also catch him grinning from ear to ear.

El Tanque, preparing before a duel of the Spanish promotion.  Photo: Capture TV service.

El Tanque, preparing before a duel of the Spanish promotion. Photo: Capture TV service.

Source: Clarin

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