The story of Tito Allemandi: due to the 2001 crisis, he went to Spain and started playing paddle tennis, he entered the Top 10 and today he has an academy in Dubai

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In every word you say Adriano Allemandibetter known as titor in paddle tennis, drag a slight smile grimace. Friendly, kind, interactive, clear when he explains his story and shows the same will that distinguishes him in paddle tennis, and that led him to be one of the players inside the world Top 10. Neuquén’s life with paddle tennis had no point that could unite them, except the remembered and turbulent social crisis that Argentina suffered in 2001. Victim -or lucky- of that sad history of the country which, in 2002, forced him to make the decision to leave Argentine territory.

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“I started playing paddle tennis at the age of 22 for the first time in my life, it was in Spain, when I left because of the crisis that was here in Argentina. In 2002 I came to live in Seville Spain. I had never played paddle tennis, I arrived as a waiter, as a waiter“He started his story Titus, with a fixed gaze that showed absolute sincerity, having defeated (together with his partner Tolito Aguirre) their rivals for 6/1 and 6/1 and move on to the quarterfinals of A1 Pádel.

Things didn’t start easily in Spain after being forced, due to the economic situation, to start a new phase in the European country. Finding work was a problem to be solved: “I had no documentsI couldn’t work much. They were kicking me out of different bars where I could do things.

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Tito Allemandi, protagonist of the A1 Padel.  Photo: A1 padel press.

Tito Allemandi, protagonist of the A1 Padel. Photo: A1 padel press.

His long experience in tennis, where he forged an outstanding playing career, helped him enter the job market. Capable of taking revenge in the face of an adverse situation as millions of Argentines do yesterday, today and always. “Where I lived there was a paddle tennis court, so tennis has been played for many years I put up some posters for tennis and paddle tennis lessons. I started with tennis, but the parents of the children I taught tennis asked me if I could teach them padel. Out of necessity I said yes and that’s how I started,” the player explained as he continued his story.

Neither he, nor anyone, had clear ideas about what could happen in his new life in the Old Continent. But necessity forced him to try to get the most out of a gigantic problem. “It was a very big gamble. The landscape seemed bleak, at least in the personal aspect, to try to get out to work wellI had two children and it was complicated”, Tito said and remarked: “It was really complicated. I left with $200 that they had lent me and to see if I could resist”.

In his figure it was noted that his class for this type of sport – divided field but with different characteristics – was inexplicable. And he made it clear when a few months after arriving in Spain he entered the previous stages of the tournament that he was called up professional tour.

Sometimes it seems that the Argentine has to suffer to get important victories. And if you don’t believe in this hypothesis, you would have to go back months, when the Argentine national team had to suffer – undeservedly – in the World Cup final in Qatar. THE staggered He made it, but the road was complicated for those who were candidates for the title right from the start.

Tito Allemandi and Tolito Aguirre advanced to the quarterfinals at the Más Monumental.  Photo: A1 Padel print

Tito Allemandi and Tolito Aguirre advanced to the quarterfinals at the Más Monumental. Photo: A1 Padel print

Allemandi’s life had to know how to overcome obstacles in order to live, currently, an opposite and brilliant reality. “We live in Dubai a year and a little while ago with my wife, we are delighted with this new life project that we have started there. We are also happy with many projects. I wanted to be in Dubai more than we are now because it’s so far away but I don’t know if Dubai will be forever but it will be for many years.”

But in addition to being able to cope with the situation, he found a way to grow in all respects. “We will soon open a ‘Tito Allemandi’ academy, we already have one in Italy, we have one in Sweden, we are in Panama. In Dubai I think it’s in September, and many plans for when I finish my professional internship” , to which he admitted that he has been estranged for a long time.

I’m 42 years old. Since I was 38 or 37, I always say last year, last year, and it gets longer… Right now I want to complete this stage that we signed with Fabricio Pastor (Tournament CEO), with A1 three years, and I would like to make it. This is the first year, it would be all of next year and all of 2025. If my body can handle it, I’ll try to extend it until then” the experienced player clarified.

The padel player has left all his history on the World Padel Tour circuit to start a new experience on the A1 circuit. With new palette brands, different rivals and a different partner. “With removed From the first moment we got on well and we are at a very high level, we even won the first tournament we played as a couple last year in Portugal. We get along really well on the pitch, which sometimes people speak for what they see, that moment of nervousness. Many other moments are in joda. I try to get the best out of him by fighting him many times. Happy to be by your side.”

Solid in their sporting performance in A1. Although his preparation is the same for every match, playing in Argentina gives him an edge. “I try to give my best every day, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, but I give 100% in every workout, every day. On Sunday I rest, which I try to enjoy, but from Monday to Saturday included, I give everything, Tolito was there too, so we were able to train a lot together, the difference with the others who obviously It is a special illusion to be able to play alongside your own people in your own country. That’s what makes it special,” she concluded.

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Source: Clarin

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