TC2000: Montenegro and Santero celebrate in a race with the fright of Pernía and many accidents

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The passage of the TC2000 to the Rosario racetrack was positive, where two races were held with different winners, the young Ignatius Montenegrin (Renault) and Julian Santero (Toyota), but also with striking characteristics, such as the absence of the reigning champion and a spectacular accident that scared everyone.

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In the first competition, the start was difficult. palm josite certainly late, while behind him there were also several frictions in the intricate circuit of Rosario.

Until Javier Scuncio Moro was the protagonist of a tremendous pineapple, with the violent oversight and the potholes to stop the impressive pirouette behind the containment tires. The Argentine rider stationed in Chile got off the Honda with his own vehicle, which was stationary on all four wheels.

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So far, Ignacio Montenegro had led the race, followed by Ardusso, who had overtaken Márques, and behind LLaver, Mariano Pernía, Vivian, Fabricio Persia and Ciarrocchi.

In the second half, Ardusso let his talent prevail by taking first place with a very close maneuver. But his rival, the young Montenegrin, didn’t lose his balance and even regained the lead, a few seconds before the Safety Car came in due to another accident, Aldrighetti’s lateral hit against the wall.

The competition was too tough, as Mariano Pernía’s mistake led to another neutralisation.

In the end Montenegro was awarded the victory, ratifying its present by fighting, resisting and defeating one of the greats of national motorsport like Ardusso. Franco Vivian moved up to third place, starting from sixth position and taking pole position on Saturday.

In the second race, the friction between the two great protagonists ended badly, as in the initial corner, Ardusso and Montenegro touched, with the responsibility of the Patagonian driver, and were delayed out of any fight for the leadership. Thus, Montenegro was further penalized with a pass and go.

From there, Vivian inherited the lead in the competition, followed by Santero and Márques. In any case, the Chevrolet driver did not rest well with the “Push to Pass” (a device that provides extra power to the engine with several strokes) and was soon overtaken by Santero’s Toyota Corolla. In the end, the Toyota driver Gazoo Racing from Mendoza won, followed by Márques and Vivian.

With the delay of Montenegro, after the blow inflicted on Ardusso and the consequent sanction, they lost the chance to conquer the leadership of the championship, which remains in the hands of Pernía despite his absence. A race that heats up the temperature, with Pernía with 117 points, followed by Montenegro 108, Santero 92, Vivian 88 and Ardusso 80.

What happened to Leonel Pernia?

The great absentee of the weekend in the Rosario circuit was Leonel Pernía. That was Saturday’s concern, given that the reigning TC2000 champion was in town but instead of being present at the Juan Manuel Fangio racetrack, he was in a clinic for medical checks.

Pernía woke up on Saturday with severe chest pains. And given the persistence of the discomfort, he was transferred to a medical center, where various studies were carried out.

“In the early hours of Saturday I had chest pains. He did not go away and became sharper. I contacted Dr. Pedro Bressi. From there I went to study. We ruled out cardiac injuries. Towards the end of the day it passed. I had inflammation of a heart membrane, just that. But if I don’t have the cardiologist’s discharge, I can’t get in the car to run”explained Pernía in the broadcast of carburetion.

“I know the requirements of a TC2000 car. I know I can run, but if the doctors don’t clear me, I have to look at the race from below. It’s a real shame,” Pernía pointed out in the race preview. Finally, whoever arrived in Rosario as leader of the race did not compete. In addition to following the category closely, he also witnessed the performance of his son Tiago, in the TC2000 Series, and of his brother, Mariano, a former footballer, in the TC2000, who didn’t start after the injury in the first race the second.

In the TC2000 series, Mateo Polakovich and Matías Capurro were the winners of both competitions.

The terrible rollover accident

The big scare of the day was the impressive crash of Javier Scuncio Moro, with a Honda. The Argentinian driver, stationed in Chile, was thrown towards the left side of the track, the Civic started making several bumps, until in the final rollover he climbed over the tire containment barrier and was stopped on the other side .

Despite the spectacularity of the manoeuvre, Scuncio Moro got out of the vehicle by his own means, despite being directed to the health center of the Rosario racetrack.

“I thank all those who intervened to verify my state of health. Luckily it wasn’t a blow. I put it in fourth, the car bit into the rim, I pulled away and when it stalled on the outside I started making bumps. Luckily it was very bulky, but nothing more. I’m very good. Unfortunately the car is not ready to start the second race”, commented Scuncio Moro in the pits.

Source: Clarin

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