The story of the fight of Rodrigo Garro, the new Dybala who made River de Demichelis live a nightmare

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Rodrigo Garro is one of the best footballers of the year. With his left foot Talleres excites and dazzles football lovers. The attacking midfielder born in General Pico 25 years ago broke it last night at Mario Kempes and his name was quickly associated with that of Paul Dybala. And the association wasn’t made just because he was born in high school soccer, but because he runs in a similar way, because he wears low socks like La Joya and because he has a dream punch.

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“This is an immense joy for the fans and also for my family and friends. We were facing the leader of the tournament, a rival who manages tremendous intensity. But Talleres has his weapons. We played a smart game, we looked for it. At no point did we turn down the intensity or give up on our idea. That’s why we won,” confessed Garro, the figure.

And he continued with his careful analysis of the Cordobazo de la T: “You can give River a meter. The first goal came right and then the other quickly. Now we have to have fun: this is a group that has its feet on the ground. We have clear objectives, we go match by match. Now I’m resting and thinking about the classic against Belgrano”.

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On two occasions, Garro named and thanked his family in the post-victory note for Talleres. And there’s a support story behind it, why It was not easy for lefties to reach the First Division. At the age of 12, he left home to join Atlético de Rafaela Inferior League.. They were days of tears, as she knew how to tell.

“I left when I was 12 and lived 600 kilometers from my home in a boarding house. My parents tried to go often, but it was worse because when they left I was left alone to cry. It was very difficult,” Garro told La Arena de La Pampa newspaper.

And he clarified: “The first year I didn’t notice it because I just wanted to play football, but then I began to fall that I was making a very big sacrifice. I hired him and I understood that there were situations that I would not like; I was also the furthest away and many times I was alone in the guesthouse. I had to suddenly grow up, understand it, look for the positive side of things”.

Also, at the age of 18, Rafael’s cast set him free. That’s when He thought about giving up his dream of being a footballer. But his family supported him again and the call came from the Córdoba Institute. In a couple of years Garro was already being compared to Dybala, the world champion who trained in La Gloria and who jumped from there to Italy.

Garro has a 2023 collection. Photo: AP

Garro has a 2023 collection. Photo: AP

Many were surprised by his transfer to Talleres de Instituto. But Garro’s goals in the T are also celebrated in his home club because they are licensed: the current team holds 60% of the passes, while the previous team held 40%. They’re already rubbing their hands.

He arrived at Talleres in 2022 to reinforce the squad that played in the Copa Libertadores. It was difficult for him to adapt, but over time he became the undisputed starter and is one of the protagonists of the attack of the team led by Javier Gandolfi. Together with Ramón Sosa and Diego Valoyes, they are the trident that creates the game and fuels Michael Santos, the tournament’s top scorer. Not surprisingly, with a lot of play and a lot of fire, they are the team that has scored the most goals in this professional league.

Source: Clarin

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