Pulga Rodríguez reappeared after the incident: he visited the Cathedral of Catamarca and was photographed with a priest

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After being involved in a serious accident with his vehicle, where he also feared for his life, the Santiago del Estero Central Córdoba striker, Luis Miguel “Pulguita” Rodrigueztraveled Sunday to Catamarca visit the Virgen del Valle in the Cathedral Basilica. This was his first public appearance after being discharged after being admitted to intensive care.

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In that province, the player was received by the rector of the temple Gustavo Flores, who took a photo that went viral. Rodríguez went to the altar of the Virgin to thank her, not only for her speedy recovery, but also for saving her life. In the Cathedral and Sanctuary, the attacker recognized him “continue in your healing”.

Pulga Rodríguez with the pastor of the Cathedral of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.  Photo: social networks.

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Pulga Rodríguez with the pastor of the Cathedral of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. Photo: social networks.

Rodríguez overturned his truck on Provincial Road 157 in Tucumán on April 30, an accident that caused him to fall from the vehicle and sustain serious facial injuries. After being admitted to the intensive care unit at the Padilla hospital, El Pulga was transferred to a private sanatorium.

There he underwent an operation four hours. “The patient is currently undergoing the immediate postoperative period of complex maxillofacial surgery”, reads the medical report, which adds: “He was operated on by a multidisciplinary team in charge of the head and neck service of our Institute. He is stable , lucid , with permanent monitoring by the staff of the medical team and in the company of their family members”.

This was indicated by Manuel Usandivaras, the doctor in charge of operating on the footballer should avoid jogging for at least the first 30 days, as the action generates an impact on the jaw. You can still ride a stationary bike, in order not to lose muscle mass or do weights but in a moderate way.

“In 30 or 45 days, depending on his evolution, he could return to training normally. An active athlete will recover faster than one who is not in his physical condition, he could recover in less time than we think”clarified the doctor.

Source: Clarin

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