Violence in Santa Fe, after the fall of the Union: attacks on journalists, injured policemen and 18 detainees

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The time inside Union it was very bad during the match that Tatengue lost 2-0 against Sarmiento in Santa Fe, which kept Gallego Méndez’s team in the relegation zone, and the postgame had incidents of violence.

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The police had taken preventive measures because they knew that accidents could occur if the equipment fell. There was a ban on Boulevard Pellegrini from López and Planes to the west, as well as a fence with enough troops. It wasn’t enough.

There were fans and bars trying to approach, both from inside the stadium and from outside, the sector where the leadership was. Which was no surprise because there were a lot of insults towards president Luis Spahn during the match. Clashes started there and the police began to repress with rubber bullets.

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off the pitch, there was a very upset fan who attacked the camera of Canal Santa Fe, despite the fact that the worker only took pictures of what was happening. That individual was one of 18 detainees reported to the police. In addition, there were five officers with minor injuries, according to the official report.

The attack on the press

Source: Clarin

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