Estudiantes de Río Cuarto, another promotion team that eliminated one of the professional league for the Argentine Cup

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Students, from Río Cuarto This Tuesday became another team of the promotion knocking out another from the professional league but for the Argentina Cupand on this occasion whoever suffered it was Atletico Tucumán, who fell 3-1 in the 32nd round. final developed in the stadium of Colón, Santa Fe.

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After a balanced first half in which the best chances for goals were from Cordoba in the first half hour, in the last quarter of an hour it was the team from Tucuman who had two unbeatable chances to open the scoring.

And that end of the first leg had its counterpart at the beginning of the second, until before the quarter of an hour Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez appeared from the left to finish from below, against the right post of the goal defended by Joaquín Bigo, and put those of Lucas Pusineri ahead.

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Thus the technical director of Rio Cuartense, Marcelo Vázquez, decided to move his reserve bench and there he found the key that would have opened the door to the second half and would have taken him on the road to qualifying up to 16th place. of end.

Is that in just seven minutes, which were 28 to 35, the admitted Renzo Reynaga scored twice in Luis Ojeda’s goal to overturn a story that would have ended up closing another player who came off the bench like Guillermo Villalba, when the second minute of the discount had already been played.

In this way, Estudiantes, encouraged by a large party that moved from Río Cuarto to Santa Fe, celebrated euphorically with its players for this well-deserved shift.

Now the Cordobans will have to wait until May 31 to meet their rival in the round of 16. from that day they will face each other for the 32nd. Banfield and Argentino de Merlo, and in the meantime they will continue to fight to enter the reduced zone of the First National team, in which they are one point behind the last entrant, Defensores de Belgrano, in Zone A.

While those of Pusineri, who today chose to field an alternative team and when they wanted to fix it it was too late, will try to keep fighting to get away from the relegation places in the Lega Professionisti, in which they will have to visit Tigre next Saturday, from 9pm: 30, for the 17. date.

Source: Clarin

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