Two Formula 1 drivers have told how they survived the violent floods in Northern Italy

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THE Formula 1 was supposed to resume this weekend in Imola but the climatic disaster that is affecting Emilia Romagna, and which already has a toll of thirteen dead, forced to suspend the sixth round of the season. In the midst of so much desperation and the urgency to help the victims, two drivers decided to join hands in Faenza, 16 kilometers from the Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack and where their team headquarters are located. Alpha Taurus.

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Yuki Tsunoda AND nyck devries They used their social media to tell what they found upon their arrival at the establishment of the Italian team owned by Red Bull. “After a horrible night, the city is badly affected: dust, mud and the smell of petrol everywhere,” wrote the Japanese on his Instagram account, where he also uploaded images of how the flood left Faenza.

“People are currently struggling to find food and especially somewhere to stay, after many were evacuated from their homes. Please anything you can do to help is appreciated, no matter how big or small the donation“He added next to an image in which there is bank account data to collaborate.

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Formula 1, through its Twitter account, also released the images of Tsunoda, resident in Faenza since 2021cleaning the streets of the country together with other members of the team.

De Vries, for his part, confessed the voyage who had to cross to reach Faenza on Tuesday at midnight to participate in the Alpha Tauri marketing events scheduled for the following day.

“It’s pouring rain, Faenza is already flooded and I can’t get to my hotel. Getting back on the street is also not an option. Stuck in a small town with a full hotel. Luckily the McLaren had been stuck there before and a mechanic was kind enough to give me his room. The next morning, the hotel lobby became an emergency shelter for people forced to flee their homes during the night,” he recalled.

After F1 announced the suspension, the Dutchman decided to go home and did so “through Florence”.

“After an adventurous journey through the mountains, thanks to the help of the local people and the authorities of several villages, I finally returned home safe and sound. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to help me.. It was truly heartwarming to see so many care for each other. My thoughts go out to those who continue to be affected by this tragedy. I will be back in Faenza soon to meet my team and the people of the region! strength,” she added.

With no news on a possible rescheduling of the Emilia Romagna GP, Formula 1 will resume the start in Monaco, from 26 to 28 May. The championship leader is Max Verstappen, while Red Bull sweeps away the constructors after winning all the races held.

Source: Clarin

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