Matías Almeyda exploded when asked about River: “I’m rotten for talking about 12 years ago”

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Matías Almeyda is living an important moment in his career. Another key moment, actually. He did his thing in the River, was champion in Mexico with Chivas, passed the MLS and still celebrated, now in Europe: he gave a star to AEK Athens. Before all that, Pelado spoke up and got angry when reminded of his time at the Millonot to deny the past, but because he doesn’t want to talk about years ago: his idea is to enjoy what he has just achieved and aim for more.

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A few days ago Almeyda referred to River, but above all to Demichelis, aiming for the new DTbut now the consultation had to go further back, to the time when he was the manager of Millionaire, a team he brought out as champions of B Nacional and brought them back to the First Division.

El Pelado listened to the question, took a breath and answered. “I tell you the truth and with a lot of respect, I’m sick of talking about 12 years ago. I think my career is much more important than 12 years…”torn.

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Almeida’s answer

“I’ve always been very respectful, but I feel like they downplay what I do. I was champion today, we’ll talk about my championship and the River is over… They have won 14 league titles, the Libertadores, I was at the moment I had to be, whoever wants to minimize it, minimizes it, whoever wants to value it, give it to them,” he continued in the interview with ESPN.

Almeyda champion in Greece.

Almeyda champion in Greece.

“I was complete, I gave what I had to give as a River fan, as a former player, as a manager at the time.Today I like other things. I was champion in Mexico and I have to be champion in Europe in a complicated championship and I can’t talk about 12 years ago… My father was alive 12 years ago, I can’t go back, mine is today. In a week I will play another final and I want to be cup champion again,” he concluded.

A clear answer from Almeyda and also a goal that comes out of his mouth: to go more. On Wednesday 24 May, his AEK Athens plays the Greek Cup final against PAOK, in what is known as the classic of the double-headed eagles. It will be played at the Panthessaliko Stadium, in Volos.

Source: Clarin

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