Scandal in the semi-final of the Conference League: West Ham players, fight against the ultras of AZ Alkmaar in the stands

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The fervent celebration of the fans of the West Ham after qualifying for a European final after 24 years without reaching it, he sparked a scandalous final at the stadium of the AZ Alkmaar from the Netherlands, where the England team was defeated by 1-0 to the locals in the second leg to define the aggregate 3-1 in their favor. After the match, with the final heat, the ultras of the Dutch team staged an act of violence attempt to attack the relatives of the players English, who had to stand in the stands to stop the advance.

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The Ultras, synonymous with barrabrava in South America, on several occasions end up at the center of controversy due to the violent attitudes they have in the previous, during or post-game in which their teams are the protagonists. Alkmaar fans, known for their fanaticism for the North Holland-based institution, were at the center of controversy on Thursday for trying to attack relatives of English players.

After completing the match that sanctioned the overtaking of hammers at the end of Conference League, after winning the match with a goal in the fourth minute of addition, the stands of the stadium were the scene of a scandal. After the final whistle, fans and relatives of the English celebrated with great euphoria the advance to the final, which will be played against Fiorentina on June 6th, provoking – without wanting to reach it – the violent reaction of the Dutch.

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Seeing the attitude of the Martelli fans, of the ultras, dressed in black, with hood and with thermal “collar”. of the same tone, they went to reproach the relatives after having knocked down a fence that divides the two partialities and outnumber the private security, which he could not stop his advance.

Quickly West Ham players, including Argentine Manuel Lanzini, realizing what was happening with their relatives, they approached the podium and began to defend the advance. Not only that, but two fans in attendance were the first obstacle for the Dutch, who they failed to bat and ended up preventing them from advancing further.

A few minutes later, they were able to check the situation inside the stadium, which started with a fan trouble that broke out nearby before the start of the match. In a confrontation between the two factions, they attacked each other by hitting each other and attacking each other with chairs that were nearby.

Source: Clarin

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