Sub 20 World Cup: the gesture of one of the European Selection with the fans a few hours after the debut

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The cold and the sparks of water falling from the sky above the center of Santiago del Estero invite you to stay inside this Saturday. But the presence of the Sub 20 Selection that drives Javier Mascherano in this city it at least breaks the drowsiness of most football fans. Many are those who approach the door of the hotel where the Argentine delegation is staying e hours after the debut against Uzbekistan (from 18:00 in the Unica Madre delle Cities) they got their prize.

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One of the Albiceleste’s Europibes had no trouble walking through the door just guarded by a couple of private security officers to make face-to-face contact with the fans, mostly families and teenage and pre-adolescent boys and girls. Luke Romero It was he who went out to greet the people waiting under the light but very annoying drizzle of the gray Saturday.

Without problems the 18 year old boy who was born in Mexico but who is the son of the former Argentine footballer Diego Romeroand who after training in Mallorca is now at Lazio in Italy, spent a few minutes answering the requests of the fans who took pictures and selfies with their cell phones in their hands.

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Mascherano had given his executives a message of enjoyment in a chat with clarion. And that’s what their children try to do. Without losing the axis of doing things well on the field, they allow themselves this rapprochement with the public who, for example, have run out of tickets for the premiere.

The Argentine coach hasn’t yet confirmed the training to his managers, which he will do a couple of hours before the match in the technical interview. Luka Romero will certainly wait on the bench. In the meantime, take the opportunity to receive some affection from the Argentines, which he is experiencing up close for the first time.

At 18:00, debut against Uzbekistan

Mascherano, Master Puch and Miramón.  (Juano Tesone)

Mascherano, Master Puch and Miramón. (Juano Tesone)

Lionel Messi is not there. Nor Angelito di María, Rodrigo de Paul or Dibu Martínez. But in Santiago del Estero the rage for the Scudetto which now sports three World Cup stars continues to be full. The people welcomed the Argentine under-20 team with almost the same fury with which they had received the world champion team at the end of March, when they came to the northern lands to offer the cup in the friendly won against Curaçao. Argentinian fans want to see Javier Mascherano’s team, the most coveted by fans, and are sold out for their debut this Saturday at 18:00 against Uzbekistan at Unica Madre delle Cities.

After the disappointment of the South American championship in Colombia, the boys have a new opportunity and will begin that dream by feeling the warmth of the people up close. On Thursday evening, when the bus parked in front of the hotel, dozens of fans waited to greet the players and get a photo or an autograph. The coach, due to his past as emblem of the second team in Brazil 2014, is the most requested by all. But there is also madness for Colo Barco, the 18-year-old full-back who starred in the Primera de Boca at the hands of Jorge Almirón, and for the other boys, different from Europe.

“We have come from being concentrated in Ezeiza’s property without seeing many people and arriving here, in Santiago, and that there are many people waiting for us is an advantage,” Ignacio Maestro Puch told Clarín in the prelude to the last training session of the team to the property from the center of Cordoba. “It is an enormous joy to arrive in Santiago and see that there are people waiting for us and encouraging us. We didn’t expect that. I had never tried it and it made me very happy. Having people accompany us gives us more security and a greater desire to play,” said the other Ignacio, Miramón, who is fighting for a place in midfield. To know more.

Source: Clarin

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