The karate kick “a la Sessa” by goalkeeper Carranza de Instituto, who gave San Lorenzo an unusual penalty

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Saint Lawrence obtained a clear 2-0 victory this afternoon Cordoba Institutean achievement that brought him closer to the pointer line Flat River, and keeps him at the forefront of expectations, having played the 17th. tournament date Professional Football League (LPF).

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The team that runs the DT ruben insuawho is two units behind the leader, won with two penalties converted by Andres Vombergarat 26 and 41 minutes of the second stage.

However, the afternoon in Bajo Flores was marred by a play from the Instituto’s goalkeeper, Jorge Carranzawhich recalled an old action by another goalkeeper, the former Vélez Gaston SessaIn the Copa Libertadores 2007.

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Like Sessa in that cup match against Boca alla Bombonera, Carranza picked up a simple cross with both hands but in the same movement of the jump he incautiously lowered his leg and struck the San Lorenzo defender with a strong iron. the referee Nicolás Ramírez to sanction a penalty and give the goalkeeper a yellow card.

The referee’s sanction was delayed for a few moments because there were doubts about Gattoni’s position, which forced the intervention of the VAR. Meanwhile, the Ciclón player lay on the ground and Carranza, 42, swore to Ramírez that he had not committed any offence.

The referee ended up going to watch the play on the monitor but only to determine the degree of violence of Carranza’s kick, which made him change his early decision to reprimand him to correct himself and get him a red card.

It mattered little to Vombergar, who took charge of the penalty and scored the 2-0 that finished defining the game, to unleash the party at Nuevo Gasómetro, who are enthusiastic about reaching the River.

Sessa and his football at the Palacio, in the Libertadores 2007.

Sessa and his football at the Palacio, in the Libertadores 2007.

Sessa’s background

The round of 16 of the 2007 Copa Libertadores delivered a cross not for the faint of heart. Boca de Russo, Riquelme and Palermo against Vélez led by La Volpe, which went badly at Xeneize a year earlier. The first leg was played at the Bombonera, and the match opened with an unforgettable play, which remains in the memory of the football environment.

25 minutes had passed and the game was already 1-0 thanks to a goal by Román, when Sessa picked up a ball in the fly and lost his mind: he stretched out his leg and hit Rodrigo Palacio, the tireless Xeneize striker, who finished to fall to the ground, bleeding.

Those were times when there was no VAR and Sessa swore to referee Baldassi that he hadn’t done anything, that he had protected himself, that it had been a fortuitous blow. But it was a penalty and a red card for the La Plata goalkeeper. The curious thing is that Martín Palermo ended up missing that penalty, although Boca ended up beating Vélez 3-0 with goals from Palermo and Clemente Rodríguez, and in the rematch he ended up taking advantage of that advantage to get through the stage and start his way to the sixth Libertadores in its history.

Source: Clarin

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