Road touring: Otto Fritzler took his first victory in a difficult final at Termas de Río Hondo

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eight fritzlers20 years old, he had his baptismal triumph this Sunday in Road tourism. She did it aboard hers Ford Falcon by the Emanuel Moriatis Competition team in a super eventful race, with five neutralisations, at the Termas de Río Hondo circuit, for the sixth round of the season. They escorted him to the podium Diego Ciantini (Chevrolet) e Castilian Jonathan (Dodge).

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Fritzler, who had started in sixth place, will never be forgotten on May 21, 2023. He had just taken pole position in El Calafate and this Sunday he had won his series to cap off a stunning performance in Santiago del Estero in his sixth appearance in the maximum national motorsport category.

The boy from San Miguel has also joined a club of the elect. Is that in the 86-year history of only six riders have won a test aged 20 or younger. Exceptional. Only Julio Catalán Magni and Ruben Luis Di Palma have won with less age in the document. The selected lot is completed by Mariano Werner, Agustín Canapino and Diego Aventin. All names with a long history in the TC.

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“Thanks to my old man and my sponsors. It’s thanks to them that I’m here because they always trusted me despite my mistakes. It was a very difficult race, but luckily I was able to win for the first time. damn!” be at the top of the podium.

Be warned, the race was not without controversy. The discussion between Fritzler and Ciantini was added to the five entries of the safety car. The Chevrolet man complained because the Ford boy touched him entering the main straight in a maneuver that, according to Ciantini, was outside the regulation.

Both continue on the asphalt and on the fourth restart Fritzler overtakes Ciantini and takes the lead to never give up. Castellano, meanwhile, finished third and was at the top of the season positions. Santiago Mangoni and Ayrton Londero rounded out the top five at Termas.

Matías Rossi (he broke the steering wheel of his Toyota), Leonel Pernía, Germán Todino, Valentín Aguirre, Facundo Ardusso, Norberto Fontana, Juan Bautista De Benedictis, among others, could not complete the race. Yes, it was a difficult Sunday for many experienced riders. And Sunday of glory for Fritzler, precocious talent and a great hunger for glory.

With these results, the regular stage of Turismo Carretera has a new leader in the championship. This is Castellano with 192 points, although he still remains winless this year, followed by Julián Santero with 187.5 points.

Source: Clarin

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