World Sub 20: Mascherano apologizes to the DT of Guatemala, after the accusation of spying in the locker room

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If there was an unfamiliar situation before the match between the Argentina national team and Guatemala at the U20 World Cup, it was how the coach Javier Mascherano he would have reacted to the presence of his Guatemalan colleague Raphael Loredo. It is that in the previous one the Central American accused the national team of ‘espionage’ and indicated that he had requested an investigation from FIFA. But far from angry the former Albiceleste captain gave him an affectionate greeting and also apologized for the inconvenience.

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As the players lined up on the playing field to start the game, the little boss He approached the center of the pitch of the Madre de Ciudades stadium and embraced the visiting coach, showing that he bears no hard feelings for the controversy that involved them 24 hours earlier.

“Excuse me”was the first word that could be deciphered on Mascherano’s lips speaking in his ear, while both were embracing, when the television broadcast showed the expected moment of both coaches.

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In addition to this, within the brief conversation that took place between the two, the sentence can also be identified “It was my fault” AND “it wasn’t intentional”expressed by the Jefecito.

“Someone entered the locker room and recorded our tactics”

This Monday, Guatemala arrived at Iosep’s property, about eight kilometers from the center of Santiago del Estero, to begin their last training session before this Tuesday’s crossing against Argentina. But before starting to move, coach Rafael Loredo launched an accusation of espionage against Javier Mascherano’s national under-20 coaching staff: “Someone entered the locker room and recorded our tactics”denounced.

Loredo told in detail what happened. According to his version, a person who would integrate the staff of the chosen host, who they will face in the second match of group A, entered the Guatemalan dressing room on Saturday to photograph notebooks and forms.

“Very painful things have happened that shouldn’t happen. We took to the field when these things happened. Someone, who doesn’t reflect what the Argentine people are, bothered to go into the locker room to record when there were fewer people. He recorded all the sheets that we have the technical speech, for the defense, they stopped attacking. He recorded everything. FIFA is very concerned about fair play because this is not fair play,” he fired during the pre-match press conference.

And he elaborated without naming names: “FIFA will take care of it. There are photos and he is an accredited person. We have fully identified him”. The management of the Central American team has raised its complaint to the highest football body.

Loredo reported that someone from Argentina entered the Guatemalan locker room to steal the tactic. Photo: Juano Tesone, special envoy Loredo denounced that someone from Argentina entered the Guatemalan locker room to steal the tactic. Photo: Juano Tesone, special correspondent When it happened The event allegedly happened after the match in which New Zealand beat Guatemala 1-0. The team led by Loredo left the dressing rooms to go and watch the opening party of the World Cup, held on the playing field of the Único Madre de Ciudades stadium before Argentina’s debut against Uzbekistan.

Javier Mascherano has apologized to the Guatemalan coach.  Photo Juano Tesone / special envoy

Javier Mascherano has apologized to the Guatemalan coach. Photo Juano Tesone / special envoy

At that moment, according to Loredo, someone linked to the Argentine delegation took advantage of it and entered to take pictures of the tactical notes.

The AFA’s response In the Albiceleste bunker they have already contacted FIFA about this problem. They acknowledge that one person did indeed enter the Guatemalan locker room, but that it was a “mistake” and no pictures were taken.

It will be necessary to see what decision FIFA will take on this affair that has shaken the quiet morning here in Santiago del Estero. Meanwhile, this commitment has been preparing for some time in the national working group, like the others, with a detailed evaluation of the rival. Indeed, as Clarín has learned, Masche and company have analyzed the last six complete games in Guatemala.

The Argentine team will train this Monday afternoon and there the formation for this second duel will be defined in which they will look for a victory to secure their ticket to the round of 16.

Santiago de Abroad. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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