Ja Morant has scared everyone with her cryptic farewell messages, but it has been confirmed that she is in good health

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The Tennessee State Police reported Thursday Ja Morantbasis of Memphis GrizzliesHe was in good health. The communication came after a visit that security personnel carried out at the basketball player’s residence a few hours after the player, suspended from all his team’s activities, had shared a series of messages which was cause for concern.

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On Wednesday morning, Morant, 23, had posted on his Twitter account instagram some stories with pictures and texts addressed to his parents and daughter Kaari (“I love you mum”, “I love you dad” and “You are the oldest child and I love you”) and one last message which simply said “Bye bye”.

Though he later deleted the stories, the amount of time they remained online was enough to raise alarms about the player’s condition and mental health.

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This was what prompted Tennessee Police authorities to visit the base home to check on how he was doing. John Morris, a spokesman for the Shelby County Police Department (to which Memphis belongs), said Morant was fine. “He told us he would take a break, away from social media”he added in statements collected by the Associated Press agency.

Ja Morant flashes a gun during an Instagram Live.  Photo: video capture.

Ja Morant shows a gun during an Instagram Live. Photo: video capture.

The basketball player has been suspended from all Grizzlies activity since May 14, after an Instagram Live video aired in which he appeared flashing a firearm while traveling in a vehicle with other people. For this fact, the NBA is conducting an investigation from which the definitive punishment will emerge.

It was not the first time that the player, chosen twice to participate in the Game of the Stars, was involved in a situation of this type. In March, he was suspended eight games and received a $669,000 deduction for carrying a gun and posting a video showing it at a Colorado nightclub after a Grizzlies-Denver Nuggets game.

After that incident, Morant met with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who felt the player’s conduct had been “irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous” and felt it could have “serious consequences” for the large number of young people who followed and admired him.

Ja Morant has a five-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.  Photo: Petre Thomas/USA Today Sports/Reuters.

Ja Morant has a five-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. Photo: Petre Thomas/USA Today Sports/Reuters.

On that occasion, the point guard apologized, attributed his behavior to stress and said he was getting professional counseling to manage it. “I am completely sorry for this. So my job now is to be more responsible, smarter and never cause anything like that again,” she promised.

Morant, who signed a contract with the Grizzlies for five years and $194 million which will take effect next season, had already been involved in other accidents.

It was learned in February that people close to the player were under investigation after being accused by members of the coaching staff of Indiana Pacers that he pulled a gun on him after a game played January 29 in Memphis.

In addition, the point guard was charged last year with threatening a member of a Memphis mall security force during an altercation and with beating and gun-toting a 17-year-old teenager after a fight during a soccer game. . basketball at the player’s home.

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