Who is Ariel “Pato” Calvici: the heavy story of the River bar that clashed with the police in Peru

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Comparison between a group of sympathizers of River and agents of National Police of Peru during the game that the team led by Martín Demichelis tied 1-1 with Sporty crystal thursday to National Stadium of Lima He left as the most impressive image the bloodied face of one of the fans who intertwined with the men in uniform.

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The burly man with bare chest and belligerent spirit who was seen arguing with the agents in one of the stands of the compound in the Peruvian capital was Ariel Duck baldnessone of the leaders of the brava bar of the Núñez club.

Calvici has become a visible figure in the millionaires gallery especially since 2014, when a fight for control of the River bar was underway between The drunkards of the councilled by Martín “de Ramos” Araujo and Guillermo “Caverna” Godoy, and La Banda del Oeste (with the support of another group called Los Patovicas).

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Duckwho originally answered to Los Borrachos del Tablón, then distanced himself from the faction of Araujo and Godoy, joining the side that sought to gain control of the grandstand (and its affairs) and quickly assumed a leadership position in that group.

At that time, he was identified as the mastermind and participant in the operation to steal two tents, drums, umbrellas and banners belonging to Los Borrachos del Tablón from a house located in the northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs. This occurred on August 17, 2014, hours before a match against Rosario Central at the Monumental.

Ariel Calvici (with black cap) and Guillermo Godoy (with red cap), when they shared space in the stands.

Ariel Calvici (with black cap) and Guillermo Godoy (with red cap), when they shared space in the stands.

On November 25 of the same year, the group led by Calvici attacked Los Borrachos del Tablón in the club’s pastry shop on the eve of the rematch against Boca for one of the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana. For that fact, Duck He was tried for wrongful association, damages, grievous bodily harm and aggravated coercion, agreed to a shortened trial and received a sentence of two years and six months. On May 31, 2016, he was released.

At the end of that year, Calvici was again the protagonist of a lawsuit, but this time as a victim: Alejandro Luis Rivaud, who worked in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Metropolitan Police, was tried together with Martín Araujo and Matías Goñi, another bar, for aggravated coercion Duck.

Ariel Calvici (with cap and black tank top) with his colleagues from La Barra Del Oeste.  (Clarin archive)

Ariel Calvici (with cap and black tank top) with his colleagues from La Barra Del Oeste. (Clarin archive)

After serving his sentence, Calvici rearmed a smaller group of about 100 men, who usually attend the Centenary grandstand. He can’t do it, since he has been included in the list of fans who are forbidden to enter stadiums. That didn’t stop him from showing up in July last year with a group of about 300 people who had gone to Villa Mercedes for a match that River would play against Barracas Central for the Argentine Cup..

His face, this time bloodied from two cuts suffered to the head and neck, was also exhibited this Thursday at the National Stadium in Lima during the fight which, according to witnesses, would have originated after a ban among the members of the Lima branch of the Millionaire and agents of the Peruvian National Police.

According to the news portal infobaethe members of the branch would have caused riots and when the Carabinieri tried to stop them, an agent would have slipped. When he fell to the ground, the fans kicked him. This episode would have been the trigger of the clash, to which the bars would have joined. The officers took out their sticks and cracked down, and the fans withdrew.

Calvici and his injured teammates were treated by medical personnel in the stands of the Stadio Nazionale and also watched the rest of the match between Demichelis’ team and Sporting Cristal.

Source: Clarin

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