Luka Romero scored a goal equal to those of Messi and Maradona in Argentina’s victory

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The Argentina national team under 20 He has his ticket insured for the round of 16 of the World Cup he organizes. And in the third round of Group A he needed at least one point to secure first place: in the first half he won 3-0 over New Zelandbut the outstanding game of the day was the great goal by Luke Romero.

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In the 34th minute of the first half, Argentina took the lead thanks to goals from Ignacio Maestro Puch and Gino Infantino, but Romero would add the icing to the dessert of the first phase. He dominated the ball in the middle of the pitch, always on the Argentine pitch and he didn’t stop from there.

He was surrounded by three rivals, but he threw a pipe, accelerated and took them out. He ran with the ball glued to his left foot as the Ocean’s line of five defenders fell back in desperation. As he reached three quarters of the rival field, he took a left footed shot into the corner that made the people of San Juan get up from their seats. And give their seats to all the Argentine men and women who followed the game on television.

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Romero celebrates in San Juan like Messi.  (Andrés Larrovere / AFP)

Romero celebrates in San Juan like Messi. (Andrés Larrovere / AFP)

Romero is 18 years old. He is the son of Diego Adrián Romero, a former Quilmes and Atlético Rafaela footballer, and with a long history in Ecuadorian and Mexican football. Luka was born in Durango, Mexico on November 18, 2004 when his father was playing in that country. At the age of 10, Mallorca signed him in Spain and from 2021 he plays for Lazio in Italy (14 games, 1 goal).

With his left foot and his start full of dizziness and dribbling he was reminiscent of Maradona and Messi. Ball attacked to the left, slalom at full speed to leave rivals on the trajectory and end up in a corner. A jewel.

Source: Clarin

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