Home Sports Santiago Maratea liquidates an ESPN reporter: “Less personality than a teenager”

Santiago Maratea liquidates an ESPN reporter: “Less personality than a teenager”

Santiago Maratea liquidates an ESPN reporter: “Less personality than a teenager”

The reappearance of Santiago Maratea on social media after a few days of inactivity he continues to give clothes to cut. Now, the influencer has added a new chapter: targeted an ESPN reporter.

“I am unable to naturalize the level of violence I am receiving. I load it and end up like last night, that I was fantasizing that I ran into such a person and he recontacts a thousand they smashed his face with blows“, warning.

The influencer, who responded with irony to Guillermo Francella on Thursday for his collection to help Independiente, also fired this Friday. This time it was against Federico Bufale. “I don’t know this guy’s name. They call him El Negro, he works at ESPN and has less personality than a teenager,” he wrote in his Instagram story.

Why the anger? “I went to a program on ESPN the other day. There was a reporter named El Negro. I don’t know his name, not many people know him because he’s not even ‘El Negro de ESPN’. He’s a guy who he has no idea…”, the story began.

What happened is that, during his visit to the studio, the speaker reminded Maratea of ​​his statements in the press conference he held at the club to launch the collection. “The mistake I had is right and genuine from the lack of preparation which I held for the first press conference of my life talking about topics that I have not studied, but that I have learned in the last two weeks”, he justified himself.

Once on ESPN, Bulos consulted him about the percentage of profit which – according to him he warned – corresponds to the collection: “He started telling me that I didn’t say anything about 5% at the press conference. He is already directly establishing that I didn’t even talk about the subject as if I had wanted to hide it”.

The Negro’s reaction caused the annoyance of Maratea, who annihilated him through his social networks. “A guy who’s supposed to be a reporter. But he’s not investigating anything. He’s getting messages from friends who want to suck the c*** on WhatsApp, because I’ve seen him… he used to do that with the phone. he looked like a schoolboy. A big boy, huh. Let him invent, let him start lying, just because he can,” she launched.

Again against Azzaro

Halfway through the release and after talking about Bufale, the influencer dedicated a strong criticism to the Sudestada Magazine and again pointed to Flavio Azzaro, to whom he had already replied days ago.

“I don’t know what to say with Azzaro. The boy has nothing to lose. He is a boy who has worked in television and radio and today has a YouTube channel. Azzaro isn’t even in an envelope. Azzaro gets to generate controversy to get views because Azzaro lives off views on YouTube, which is what I lived on 10 years ago. In a poorly framed, dimly lit programme…”, he began.

Maratea referred to the stream that the journalist sees as the protagonist with Andrés Ducatenzeiler, president of Independiente between 2002 and 2005, and was lapidary. “In that same show, the guy who works with him tells him how he robbed the players and a partner he took machines from to pay players and said ‘I’ll pay you later’ and never paid him,” he described.

The influencer’s anger has to do with the amount of criticism he often receives for his collections: “Azzaro finds it funny, he laughs at a scam. And then jump to say I’m a scammerdoes not show a single proof, Bendita reports what Azzaro says as if it were true, when the same guy works with a con man and finds it funny.

Finally, the instagramer concluded his defense with another strong message against Azzaro. “Imagine being over 40, seeing what you’ve built in your life and you’ve built nothing. he is a bad journalist. As a person he doesn’t have an opinion that transcends too much,” she concluded.

How is the collection going?

800 million pesos.  Maratea communicated the status of the Independiente collection.

800 million pesos. Maratea communicated the status of the Independiente collection.

Santiago Maratea confirmed this Friday that the collection exceeded 800 million pesos. “Good morning,” he wrote on his Twitter account along with a screenshot showing the account status. Then, on Instagram, he wrote: “It’s good to be from Red, huh.”

Source: Clarin


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