Javier Mascherano has more good news after the Under 20 defeat: variety and quality

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And from now on, who plays? The last match in group A was not just a victory, but a confirmation Javier Mascherano He has a squad with which he can animate a World Cup with an unexpected role. Unlike what happened in the South American Cup in Colombia, where paradoxically they failed to qualify for this World Cup that they are now trying to host, the coach has players on the pitch and on the bench for the various proposals he proposes and, apparently , here too, everyone gives up.

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If those who come out of the bank come in and score the same number of goals in a game that Mascherano thought they were starters in the first two games, what tools will DT use to define the next team? “Everyone is in a position to play, we have to see: it depends on the opponent we have and the need to put together the most suitable eleven”Mascherano explained to clarify the first doubt after the great match in San Juan.

Knowing that the guys entering are in a position to do it very well, as are those coming off the bench, we can rest easy. This is what you want as a coach: to know that you can count on everyone,” Mascherano celebrated at the press conference.

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Titles or substitutes?  Mascherano's dilemma at the Under 20 World Cup. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

Titles or substitutes? Mascherano’s dilemma at the Under 20 World Cup. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

“After that, you have to choose. Unfortunately I will commit some injustice, but always with the intention that the team benefits”, speculated Mascherano. The 5 to 0 does not seem like a result for a team that, compared to the one that took the field in their debut, had seven changes.

Mascherano produced a great collective performance and the individual brilliance of many boys who had started the games from the bench. How to get Luka Romero back in the relay, for example? “It is a joy that the guys who deserved more minutes can show how they did the reasons why they are here. They are all very important and everyone’s performance raises the level of the group, of the team. Now we need to rest and see what the next step is and get it ready,” she tried to get away with.

But Mascherano is right. It is not yet known who the next rival will be, nor does it make sense to want one in particular. “It is not in our hands to choose the rivalwe did what we had to do, we won the group and this is important to be able to rest and relax our heads: there are many days to be concentrated, we have time to relax and on Monday we start working again, with a clear objective”, celebrated the DT extension.

One of the pearls that the party had, It was Luka Romero’s goal, the third of the victory. “Luka’s goal is a terrible bomb. First the start was good, the game is half dirty, but he has the capacity because he is very intense when it comes to playing without the ball, when it comes to pressing. The short pass, stealing the ball and leaving makes the difference… In my life I have scored a goal like this! What will I explain?”, He was honest and revealed the mood surrounding the team: Sub 20 once again excited…

Source: Clarin

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