Marcelo Gallardo will discover his statue in the Monumentale: what time will the homage be and how to see it

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After Thursday’s postponement due to bad weather, Marcelo Gallardo will be honored this Saturday. The winningest coach in the history of River, with 14 titles, will attend the presentation of his statue, created by the sculptor Mercedes Savall. The ceremony will take place in Figueroa Alcorta avenue, at the height of the club’s internal car park, e start at 16. The Star+ platform will broadcast from 15:00.

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The coach who led the winning team of the 2015 and 2018 editions of Libertadores Cup, among other titles, have confirmed their presence at the event. Meanwhile, the club has announced that great glories of the institution will also participate in the ceremony.

The postponement of the deed, scheduled for Thursday, the day in which River celebrated 122 years since its foundation, will allow the team and the technical staff chaired by Martin Demicheliswho were in Lima that day to play the match that ended 1-1 with Sporting Cristal for the fourth round of group D of the Copa Libertadores.

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Gallardo will be the main protagonist of the event and should speak to the fans who will gather in front of the stadium. Among those who will accompany him, in addition to his family, there will be one of the players who lived his best days under the protective wing of the Doll: Juan Fernando Quintero. The Colombian midfielder, who currently plays for Junior de Barranquilla, traveled especially for the ceremony.

Juan fer He won’t be the only former footballer to give the gift. There will also be Leonardo Pisculichi, the Uruguayan Rodrigo Mora and the Chilean Marcelo Salas, Gallardo’s teammate in two stages as a player at the River (between 1996 and 1998, and between 2003 and 2005). The former president will also participate Rodolfo D’Onofrio.

The image that inspired the statue of Marcelo Gallardo.  Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

The image that inspired the statue of Marcelo Gallardo. Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

The most awaited moment of the afternoon will be the discovery of the statue, which is already at the door of the club museum next to that of Ángel Labruna. The work, more than 7 meters high and weighing 6.3 tons, was made with bronze provided by fans (mainly keys made with this material).

The statue is inspired by a photo that Clarín photojournalist Marcelo Carroll made December 9, 2018 in Madridin which Gallardo is seen holding the Copa Libertadores trophy on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu after the victory in the final against Boca.

Source: Clarin

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