Luka Romero, the Sub 20 boy who took all the flashes and in Europe they are already fighting for his passage

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There is some kind of fever for Luke Romeroa fortune of rosemary-mania unleashed during the Sub 20 world. What this talented left-handed 18 years and 5 months from Lazio causes especially in teenagers is similar to what Paulo Dybala generates. Both Luke and the Jewel they have a magnetism that goes beyond what they do with the ball at their feet and has an impact on the younger crowd. Just visit the hotels where the Selection of Javier Mascherano to understand that the one born only from the whims of fate in Durango, Mexico, is the most requested.

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But it’s not just the fans that amaze Romero: behind the scenes, in the privacy of the team, he also arouses positive feelings. “He scored a terrible goal. That’s how different are”filmed by Massimo Perrone. “Lukita has a masterful punch”added Federico Redondo. “The great goal he scored makes me happy for him because he’s a good boy”analyzed Gino Infantino, the captain against New Zealand. “He grabbed it like Messi in the middle of the pitch and hung it from a corner. Luke is crack. It is an honor to have it for us and we must enjoy it”assured Alejo Véliz, the most outgoing of all. “There is only one homeland”public chiki Tapia on his social networks with a photo of Romero and an Argentine flag.

Javier Mascherano also surrendered at Romero’s feet. “How do I explain Luka’s goal? I’ve never scored one like this in my life. We are very happy with his attitude: every time he had to come in he did it in the best way, like when he could start”added the little boss with a smile.

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-Javier, now Luka will be compared even more to Messi…

Well, Luka is a great player: he made his debut at the age of 15 in Mallorca for a reason and he has been at Lazio for a long time. But don’t forget that he’s a boy who’s only 18. From our place we have to accompany him so that he can have a good career. Hopefully not only at European level, but also with the national team. We, as coaching staff, must not generate any kind of tension for him, as we do with everyone. Yes, give him positive things so he keeps getting stronger.

Romero has youth in his eyes: he shyly avoids it. His humility too: praise makes him uncomfortable, he tries to cut it short before it ends. Those things were highlighted minutes after cracking against New Zealand and scoring that big goal that went around the world. “I grabbed the ball in the middle of the pitch, I tried to turn around, but they were fouling me. I managed to get out, I passed him and since the centre-backs didn’t get out, I scored”Luka explained his goal as if it were a simple thing. “For me, all goals count as one. What I try to do is help the team. We are very happy with how things are going for us. We must continue on this path. Now we must rest, be with the family, which is always necessary , and already thinking about what’s to come”hill.

Romero’s performances at the World Cup resonate in Europe. And a conflict begins to emerge: his link with Lazio, where he accumulates 21 appearances with one goal. The Argentine’s contract expires in the middle of the year and renewal is not easy. According to Italian media, the player’s agent, Fali Ramadani, asks 5 million euros sign. That’s why there are not a few clubs that are starting to poll Luka.

What Mascherano will do for the next round of 16 is the looming question. The coach is already debating between two options: keep Matías Soulé’s job or bet on Romero.

“Messi? No, I play as I know how, nothing more”warned Luka Romero, the World Cup football sensation, the guy everyone is talking about.

Source: Clarin

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