Under-20 World Cup: Argentina already know which two rivals can play in the round of 16 and the path they would have towards the final

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He Sub 20 world it doesn’t stop. After the four group stage games played on Saturday, the last four games will be played this Sunday to determine the final positions in the round of 16 of the competitionwhere Argentina has already secured first place in Group A, awaiting confirmation from its rival.

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Is that Argentina will face a third party in the round of 16 which could be Nigeria or Japan, a variable that will be known once on Sunday which will have matches between Iraq vs England AND Tunisia vs Uruguay from Group E, and those of Honduras vs France AND South Korea vs Gambia from f.

What is known is when and where that clash between Argentina and their next rival will take place: Wednesday at 18:00 at the Bicentenario stadium in San Juan, the same scene as the 5-0 victory over New Zealand.

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Mascherano and his son, in the formation of the Selection, in San Juan.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

Mascherano and his son, in the formation of the Selection, in San Juan. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

Sub 20 World Cup: How would you follow Argentina’s path

If Luka Romero’s Argentina make it past the round of 16, they will play the quarter-finals Sunday 4th June at 2.30pm in the city of Santiago de Abroad against a rival who will emerge victorious in the round of 16 between Ecuador and the second from Group F, which will be between Gambia, South Korea AND Honduras.

In a train of hypotheses, if Argentina manages to access the semifinals, that match will be played Thursday 8th June at 6.00pm in the stadium the silverin what would be the first time directed by Javier Mascherano in that square

Can you get an idea of ​​who could be the rival in that case? Yes of course. And even those who can no longer be. From that side of the standings they are confirmed as possible contenders Colombia AND Italyas well as the one who is the leader of group E (most likely England) and a third party of group A, B or F (New Zeland, SlovakiaWhatHonduras?).

Argentina already knows they will play the round of 16 against Nigeria or Japan, two teams that promise more treatments than those faced in the group stage.  Photo: Juano Tesone.

Argentina already knows they will play the round of 16 against Nigeria or Japan, two teams that promise more treatments than those faced in the group stage. Photo: Juano Tesone.

Likewise, and always specifying that everything is by train speculationsArgentina already knows that there are teams it would not meet until the expected final Sunday June 11th at 6pm in the stadium the silver.

Brazil, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Israel They run to the other side of the field, and these four will be joined by as many others who will be determined this Sunday, for example who is the leader of Group F, today the privilege of the Gambia, or the second of Group E, today in the hands of Uruguay, as well as two teams that will finish third.

The Under 20 World Cup standings after this Saturday's results.  Photo: Fifa.

The Under 20 World Cup standings after this Saturday’s results. Photo: Fifa.

Saturday’s results

Brazil he beat Nigeria 2-0 this Saturday for the third and last date of group D of Sub 20 world and finished first in the area, with which he fully recovered from the defeat suffered in the first day against Italy and this has raised some doubts about his favoritism.

But it wasn’t just the young Canarinha who benefited from this day; Colombia tied his game with Senegal in the last minutes he eliminated his African rival, won the group and with the victory of Israel in view of Japan He defined the area in his favor.

Nigeria, despite losing to Brazil, finished third in the group with six points which left them well placed to reach the last 16 of the Youth World Cup as one of the four best third-placed teams to enter.

Brazil, from less to more at the World Cup

Brazil have confirmed that a stumble is not a fall and progressed to the round of 16 as Group D leaders after beating Nigeria 2-0. After losing to Italy in the first round, Brazil’s side Ramon Menezes He added his second consecutive win on this day and picked up the points he needed to finish top of his area with six points.

A certain blow to the head Jean Pedroso and some marquinhos after a great counter-attack led by sávio they condemned the match before the end of the first 45 minutes.

Italy recovers and qualifies

Italy’s selection, with another double of Casadei and another goal by Ambrosinoput an end this saturday to the first world adventure of Dominican Republic and secured their ticket to the round of 16 as runners-up in the contested group D of the World Cup in Argentina.

At the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in meannessthe blues, who had just lost against Nigeria, beat the Dominicans without stepping on the accelerator and saving their strength for the round of 16 match, which will be against the first team in group E, perhaps England. Cesare Casadei has reached 4 goals and for now leads the World Cup scorers chart.

Colombia rowed from behind and won their group

Colombia went from leaders of Group C to the round of 16 of the Under-20 World Cup by drawing 1-1 with Senegal and remove it from the competition. a little bit of Oscar Cortez in the 95th minute he sealed an equalizer for those led by Hector Cardenaswhich they managed to add after starting to lose for the third time in a row.

Before, Mamadou camera had opened the scoring for a Senegal that remained out of the tournament. In this way, Colombia will play next Wednesday in the city of San Juan against one of the best third parties, while Israel he finished second with four points after winning 1-2 Japanwhich ended up with three units.

With this result the first round of 16 with Israel facing Uzbekistan next Tuesday in the city of Mendoza.

Source: Clarin

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