San Lorenzo: Insua went from joking with his son before the fight over the defeat

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the smile of Galician Insua when he said goodbye to his son RodrigoBarracas Central player, was canceled in the pre-match press conference after his San Lorenzo 1-0 defeat against the locals. “Behave yourself”Papa Insua had jokingly told Rodrigo, who had a good meeting. But after the third fall of the Cyclone In the local tournament, Ruben Darío was serious and annoyed by his team’s weak production.

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“We didn’t have the necessary lucidity to be able to generate danger in the opposing area. It was a very fought and closed match in the middle of the field. We lacked the clarity to improve the result once we were down” said the Barca coach.

And he analysed: “During the first half we were a gear lower than normal. In the second half we had more vertigo and responses from the body”.

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There was a controversy where Boedo’s team asked for a penalty which wasn’t there an alleged take on Adam Bareiro. But Insua made no excuses: “I didn’t get to see her, but there was nothing to complain about. This is secondary because you have 95 or 98 minutes to win games. We have not been effective. In the end we played with four forwards and attacking midfielders, but it’s useless if you don’t create an imbalance in one-on-one situations.”

The Cyclone missed a good opportunity to close in on Riverthe leader, who if he beats Vélez will bring him forward by 8 units.

“If you give up points when you’re fighting for the top spots, then it becomes more difficult to catch up with the front. We will wait for the end of the date to see how we position ourselves”, expressed a Gallego Insua, who had no problem pointing out the shortcomings that led him to lose after nine dates.

Source: Clarin

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