In the fight to be Boca’s ninth starter, Miguel Merentiel asks for clues with goals

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In the competition to be the centre-forward of this Mouth From Jorge Almironthe Uruguayan Miguel Angel Merentiel i just had a body in front of Luis Vazquez and I got close enough Darius Benedictfor history and goals, still the starting 9 of the team, even if against the Tiger he was on the bench but did not enter.

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The Beast takes advantage of Gonzalo Marinelli’s mistake, who loses the ball from a corner kick, on 13′ of the first half and scores. However, later the goalkeeper gave him two headers in the same play and lost one-on-one in the 23rd minute of the final part. He had several opportunities and wasted them. “The important thing is that the goal was used to win”, said the attacker at the end of the game, adding: “The plays I made wrong, I’ll have to correct them to transform them into another game”.

Merentiel continues to fight for a starting spot. This Sunday was the seventh since the start of 22 games. In the last match he came on against Argentinos and scored the winning goal. Now, another 1-0 with a goal from him. He has turned five since joining the club earlier this year, the same number as Benedetto while Vázquez is yet to score this term. “Pipa (for Benedetto) and Vázquez are two big nine, two great players, and we will compete for the position to give Boca the best,” said the former Defense and Justice.

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His first goal for Boca came in his third game, his first as a starter, in a 3-1 win against Platense on 19 February. A month later, on 19 March, he came on with 25 minutes to go against Instituto and was given a final 2-3 draw. On 29 April, still at the Bombonera, he entered the partial and scored the 3-1 against Racing. While on Friday 19 May, in agony, he scored the winning goal against Argentinos (1-0) after coming on for Benedetto in the 18th minute of the second half.

On the match and how they managed to cut the Tigre’s playing circuit, the goalscorer commented: “The idea was to go out and put pressure from the beginning, we did it well because we closed the spaces and they had very few chances to kick on goal. ” Looking to the future, Merentiel is optimistic. “We will continue to compete, to work and this is the way. We know we have to fix things, but today the improvements were once again compared to other games and that’s the important thing.”

Boca’s next match will be on Thursday 1 June against Arsenal in Sarandí. Who will be the starting 9 of Almirón?

Source: Clarin

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