Miguel Torrén has spoken, after the murder of his brother: “I will continue to fight, trying to get out of the pain”

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In the midst of sadness and despair over the killing of his brother Jose Sixto (42) in Rosario, Miguel Angel Torren He spoke for the first time about the tragic situation his family is going through: he is the fourth brother of the brother of the Argentinos Juniors player who died in violent conditions.

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“The truth is that I’m not in the mood to talk for what happened in the family. Again a heavy blow. Beyond that it’s many years ago it is one’s blood and it is very striking“, the defender of the defender began his story insector from La Paternal, in an audio that was reproduced by La Red radio, but which was sent privately to the journalist Mauro Szeta.

Over the past decade, Torrén has had to live up close with the loss of three other brothers who, like José, were murdered in Rosario. “They were big, they had their families, they decide how to live and what they want to do. I couldn’t help but advise them, they go their own way, but when these things happen it really hits you. I grew up, I formed my beautiful family, with a great woman who accompanies me in every moment, my children who are the strength in these difficult moments that the truth, These last few years have hit me hard.“, the defender quoted at another time.

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Player Miguel Torren's farewell to his brother José Sixto Torren, shot dead in Rosario.  Photo @migueltorren

Player Miguel Torren’s farewell to his brother José Sixto Torren, shot dead in Rosario. Photo @migueltorren

Torren has had a difficult history since he was two months old when his mother was electrocuted and his brothers stayed with their father. . “Unfortunately we had a very difficult life as children, a very complicated childhood, where we quickly lost my mother and we were six brothers. My old man had to spend his whole life working and he couldn’t take care of us very much because he went out early to go to work, he would come back at night and, unfortunately, when you have no support and no one to guide you… we grew up on the street”, quoted.

“Not only did I lose my mother when we were kids, but in 2009 I also lost my brother WalterAfter GabrielFrom louis anastacio and now that of Jose. These are difficult moments. During the pandemic many didn’t know because I didn’t want to say anythingI had the loss of my father. Keep proposing it because if I lay at home and don’t get out of bed, which is what happens to me all the time, every time I get into a blind pit that I won’t be able to get out of,” she said at the time.

When he lost his third brother, José, Torrén shared it on his Instagram account: “You just left us brother, you fought as hard as you could the warrior you were, now it’s your turn to rest and surely up there you will meet mum dad and the your other 2 brothers and they will be together again there with God. We, here on earth, will miss you very much with the fat man and Pedro: our brother, “the crazy one”, as we used to call you, we will always remember you Rest us and lead us from above, I feel immense pain for your loss but I will continue to play football as you told me, “It’s great that you play,” and you charged me because you liked seeing me play. Now you have to give me the strength to carry on and not give up. I will remember you with the best moments, when we talked on the phone and the speeches we had… I love you with my heart and will miss you until the last day of my life rest in peace“.

“Thank God I was able to meet two families who helped me a lot, who welcomed me into their home and taught me the right path and what I should do, beyond the fact that I’ve been passionate about the game of ball since I was five years years…”, he added in that story, after the death of his third brother.

This Monday, on Radio La Rossa, the defender assured that he will once again be at the coach’s disposal Gabriel Milito as soon as possible: “In these days I will go back to training because being in club is my ground wiretraining, playing on weekends is where I free myself from what is happening to me. I have to be strong for my kids, my wife, they are my driving force right now and I am their support. Here because I will continue to fight and fight and try to get out of the pain day by day accompanied by my teammates, the people of the club from whom I received all the support, also the Argentinian fans who (accompany me) in this difficult moment; a message of support and encouragement lifts your spirits a bit.

Source: Clarin

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